Posted 12 июня 2020,, 21:53

Published 12 июня 2020,, 21:53

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Are teachers afraid of dismissals for not participating in election commissions? Do not make me laugh!

12 июня 2020, 21:53
Михаил Макогон
Russian courts take the side of the employer if something out of the ordinary hasn’t happened, even less often than the presidents are changing.

Mikhail Makogon, journalist

The network is simply filled with the reports that state employees and employees of enterprises close to the authorities are “being driven” to a plebiscite.

Nothing in life is, generally speaking, annoying than the words “force”, “herd in”, “compel” in relation to еру adults.

For 25 years of running the Municipal Budgetary Educational Institution of Secondary School No. 66 of Nizhny Tagil, my mother only fired the teacher on the initiative of the employer, specifically for absenteeism and drinking (Clause 4, Article 33 of the Labor Code that was in force at that time).

This story became the plot of our family’s life from the beginning of 1999 to the end of 2000. 2 years of courts, prosecutors, inspections, commissions. At that time, I drank all the tea, it seemed, and ate all the cookies in all departments of the city department of education, while my mother and my boss spent hours deciding how to rake this shit.

When, after a couple of years, the idiot first-grader wound up from the stairs, breaking his neck - there was not even 1% of the abyss of hemorrhoids that formed with the dismissal of this teacher.

And it all ended, in general, with surrender - at the request of his mother, he was placed in the district administration (there were then) for some harmless post to transfer the pieces of paper.

This is still a completely different TK, a completely different prosecutor's office, these are still quite vegetarian times, in terms of the balance of rights between the employee and the employer, especially when the employer is a budget organization.

The headmaster of your school, the head of your Housing, the head of the kindergarten - can strain your beard muscle as much as you like, scream and threaten loudly, but is more afraid of you than you are.

He is an official, he bears all responsibility, he is the natural diet of all supervisory agencies.

Dismissing an employee on the initiative of an employer in Russia is not difficult, but very difficult. And when it comes down to business - a letter with an insistent request to ensure a turnout cannot be attached to him.

Courts on the side of the employer, if something out of the ordinary happened, stand a little less often than the presidents change.

If the uncle swore at you, you’re in tears and immediately write a statement on your own how this usually works for us — these are your problems, it’s time to grow up.

This I am silent about the most native option, about the option without any scandal and consequences - obediently nod your mane:

- So for sure, Your Excellency, I will vote this moment, allow me to run!

And do nothing.

No need to justify yourself. We are not in that political regime so that we can “force” someone. You can only drive cattle to a pasture or to a polling station.

If you go for it, if you comply the conversation in that tone, then this is your free choice, the choice of an adult, so there is no one to blame.

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