Posted 15 июня 2020,, 20:33

Published 15 июня 2020,, 20:33

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German Sterligov: “Only the enemies of Russia are fighting against corruption!”

German Sterligov: “Only the enemies of Russia are fighting against corruption!”

15 июня 2020, 20:33
The infamous Russian entrepreneur explained the usefulness and importance of corruption in society.

The "Christian" entrepreneur German Sterligov is regularly noted by any scandalous statements that cause a storm of emotions in society. So this time, Sterligov did not disappoint and published a very original opinion about corruption (we give his words in the author's spelling):

“Not so long ago, in one of the regions my friend was imprisoned for a reason clearly far-fetched. Relatives turned to me for help. Seeing that the case was unfair, I turned to friends. Friends after some time called back and said, Herman, what are you idiots of us doing, this moron is a local fighter with corruption - he wrote, knocked, organized pickets. He was imprisoned as a little minor reason turned up.

I apologized to respected people for my lack of information and informed the relatives of the prisoner that I would not help him. Because he is the enemy of the people, the enemy who is trying to destroy the last connection between the people and the authorities - the opportunity to come to an agreement. That is why the enemies of Russia are so fighting corruption, because this is the last cord connecting Indians and colonial officials, something that still allows people to at least somehow exist and at least do something. Therefore, they want to translate everything into digital, into soulless computers with which you will never agree on any interaction. Where a little so fine, a little so deadline.

Corruption is the last barrier separating and protecting us from complete digital slavery. All who fight corruption are fools at best, and scoundrels and traitors at worst. As for the history of mankind, petitioners never came to the authorities without gifts in their hands. This is the oldest rule of natural law for all peoples at all times. Personally, when I go to the authorities, I always take with me peasant gifts: bread, cheese, strong drink. (obsolete designation for any alcoholic beverage, approx.ed.)

With empty hands on a visit to respected people only rude rude go. Glory to Jesus Christ!”

It is clear that this statement did not go unnoticed. But here a friendly condemnation of Sterligov’s words on social networks did not work. Quite the contrary, many considered corruption to be completely natural, and therefore completely excusable, in Russia:

- Partly he is right! Anyone who solves some issues on their own business knows that they have to come to an agreement with the authorities ... It’s easy to scold corruption when you don’t encounter situations when you need something for business - but you don’t do it at best, and even sticks are generally inserted into the wheels, just because they don’t want without a “gift”.

- People bear when they have problems, and those who must solve these problems have long realized that the more problems people have, the more they will be brought. It sometimes takes hundreds of years to grow such corruption...

- Probably the bribe takers themselves came up with the idea that by paying responsible officials a very large salary, you can stop the desire to take bribes. Practice has shown that receiving a very large salary, they immediately begin to take very large bribes. And we, ordinary people with our small finances, will not be able to influence the course of our small affairs. They simply will take very large bribes, and our small money will simply disdain. And where do we simple people find ourselves then?

However, the most original was the comment by journalist Pavel Pryanikov:

“...But he is right. In pre-capitalist times, like ours, “corruption” is natural!”