Posted 17 июня 2020,, 15:08

Published 17 июня 2020,, 15:08

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Pic of the day: A plastic foam sculpture was installed in Riga in gratitude to the doctors

Pic of the day: A plastic foam sculpture was installed in Riga in gratitude to the doctors

17 июня 2020, 15:08
A new art object appeared in the center of the capital of Latvia yesterday, which provoked a stormy reaction of Riga residents. A six-meter sculpture depicting a doctor in a protective mask and gloves is installed next to the main entrance to the Latvian National Museum of Art.

The sculpture is made of foam with a polyurethane coating according to the sketch of the famous Latvian sculptor, professor of the Latvian Academy of Arts Aigars Bikshe.

Elements of the sculpture were created using modern technology - they were cut by a robot.

Then the parts were glued together, after which Bikshe personally decorated the work, called "Doctors - to the world".

On Latvian sites they write that the monument depicts a doctor who is “exhaling”, having just left the operating room or treatment room, and is gathering his strength to continue to rush “into battle”.

“This sculpture symbolizes the gratitude of Latvia to the doctors of the whole planet who are now struggling with Covid-19”, - the author said, adding that it is also a “monument of time” and modern society that is undergoing global changes.

According to Biksha, the turmoil of recent months has helped people better understand what are the true values and how underestimated are health workers who risk their health and life by helping those who are ill.

The sculpture has such impressive dimensions for a reason - it was done in order to show that people with health problems are like children, and in difficult situations it all depends on the professionalism and knowledge of doctors.

“Doctors take responsibility for our health. I would like this sculpture to serve as a reminder that it is our duty, as a society, to take responsibility for ensuring that doctors have proper working conditions and decent material rewards. In fact, taking care of the doctors, we improve their ability to take care of ourselves”, - said Aigar Bikshe to the portal.

Meanwhile, the responses regarding the sculpture sound contradictory.

In their posts and comments, some residents of Riga do not restrain disappointment and even indignation, calling the monument a bad taste and wondering why it was necessary to install it near the main museum of the country.

“Guys, in the city center, at the Art Museum, they opened such a“ masterpiece”... What does the Art Museum, executed in the style of Baroque and Classicism, and this plastic figure in a mask? ... Do you want to perpetuate doctors, put a sculpture next to One of the medical institutions. After all, there is a medical museum 100 meters away. This tastelessness is spreading with surprising constancy. Earlier, in the beautiful Kronvalda park, a 10-meter-high monkey was installed - an astronaut... Maybe we should put it next ?! And let's still and in the old town we’ll spread such “masterpieces” as an example of absolute primitivism and mediocrity... Smile, gentlemen! A smart face is not a sign of intelligence yet...", - the resident of Riga writes.

Moreover, today, a day after the unveiling of the monument, according to the Latvian television channel RigaTV 24, candles and notes from doctors appeared near the sculpture, in which they thank the sculptor for this art gesture, but express a rebuke to the state, reminding them that in full size do not pay salaries.

In addition, a figure of a pissing boy appeared at the feet of the "doctor", which, apparently, is a satire on the attitude of the authorities towards the medical staff.

According to the portal, the sculpture “Doctors for the World” will stand by the Latvian National Museum of Art until December, after which it can be placed on the territory of one of the hospitals.