Posted 18 июня 2020,, 20:50

Published 18 июня 2020,, 20:50

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Astrologers predict "fatal changes" after the eclipse on June 21

Astrologers predict "fatal changes" after the eclipse on June 21

18 июня 2020, 20:50
On June 21 there will be an annular solar eclipse. In the history of Russia, such periods are associated with the beginning of two Patriotic Wars - with Napoleonic France and Nazi Germany, astrologers remind and draw the parallels with current events in the country and the world.

This time, the “corridor of eclipses”, marked by the summer solstice, can become a kind of trigger for a whole chain of fateful events on a global scale. The famous astrologer Pavel Globa and the rector of the Academy of Astrology Mikhail Levin analyzed the encrypted June "messages" of the stars.

"Viscous and difficult space" - as described in June 2020, Mikhail Levin. According to him, the month is marked by “only six” astronomical events. “But what events are these! Two eclipses, three turns and one change of signs - Mars passes from Pisces to Aries”б - said the astrologer.

On June 5, a lunar eclipse of the moon occurred, and on June 21 there will be a solar eclipse. According to Mikhail Levin, starting from this date, the situation in the business sphere will be slightly harmonized, calmed down, a tendency will appear to some stabilization and alignment, but this will happen rather slowly.

“By the end of June, we are starting to come to our senses - enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses are starting to get a little on their feet,” said the astrologer on the AstroMagazine YouTube channel.

Levin noted that the retrograde Mercury (as you know, the planet closest to the Sun has long become a meme and a character of demotivators) will not allow "to start anything new", and that this will be more like a period of gradual restoration of what "did not have time to collapse to the end."

In addition, according to Mikhail Levin, starting from June 23, it will be difficult to get enough sleep, there will come a “period of sleep loss” and increased sensitivity.

“Neptune always gives heightened sensitivity and a“ revived memory, ”but the retrograde Venus in Gemini will mitigate this action. And yet it will be a period of reflection on the past, experiences, life reevaluation, ”Levin said.

But if this time favors the representatives of culture and art, then "confusion, inaccuracies, ambiguity in negotiations and delays" will reign in affairs and business.

And just as it was on the days of the lunar eclipse at the beginning of the month, with the approach of the solar eclipse - June 21 - the accident rate increases, which will last at least 23 days.

But if Mikhail Levin gave an assessment of the month, then Pavel Globa went deeper into the history of the issue of solar eclipses of this kind and shared predictions about how powerful this echo could echo in the future in general.

As part of his astro prediction on the YouTube channel, he noted that he was inclined to believe that it is precisely during the upcoming annular solar eclipse on June 21, which will occur at 9:40 Moscow time, events that will not only lay the foundation, but also become a prologue to serious changes in the political reality of our whole world.

Globa recalled that the eclipse of June 5 was already marked by several technological disasters, the probability of which he warned.

These include a gas explosion in Kazakhstan, an environmental disaster in Norilsk, and protests in the United States, which culminate just in the days of the approaching eclipse.

The annular solar eclipse, in the opinion of Pavel Globa, will have much more consequences.

“The US authorities failed to bring down the marginal wave of pogroms. It seems that the events taking place there are associated with the beginning of the revolution and the future civil war. That's what I talked about more than 20 years ago, predicting this kind of event in the United States during the reign of the 44th president, which Trump is in the true account. But we, unfortunately, will have to go through another corridor of eclipses marked by the summer solstice, ”the astrologer emphasized.

He recalled that in ancient times such eclipses were considered the most dangerous, since the moon at this time was near its peak, that is, at the maximum distance from the earth.

Namely, with the apogee of the lunar orbit, the idea of the so-called Black Moon, "the embodiment of the worst and even demonic in human nature".

The astrologer noticed that during periods of an annular eclipses, the Moon against the background of the solar corona really turns black, and this spectacle itself looks very menacing.

“Fortunately, we will not see this phenomenon in all its grim magnificence. After all, the eclipse strip of June 21 will pass through the territory of the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, India and South China. Most likely, it is from there that one should expect reports of various calamities, wars and catastrophes, ”Globa said.

The summer solstice, according to Pavel Globa, is generally a special time, because after it the day in the Northern Hemisphere begins to shorten. Soon after this, the period of the so-called Black Sun begins, when the Earth is at the greatest distance from the daylight. This period this year will be associated with the eclipse of the moon on July 5.

Globa proposed to carefully analyze the annular eclipse of the sun, which coincides, in this case, with the period of the summer solstice.

In the history of Russia, this was marked by the beginning of two World War II - with Napoleonic France and with Hitler Germany. Only in 1812 the war began on June 24, and in 1941 on June 22.

According to the astrologer, the eclipse of 2020 is far from the most positive way to stir up the theme of World War II in the mass consciousness, and the Victory Parade scheduled for June 24 should symbolize not only the continuity of generations, but also the victory over coronavirus, at least in the information field.

“Unfortunately, from the point of view of astrological indicators, this particular parade will become a kind of springboard for a new circle of fatal problems that will only be indirectly associated with the so-loved covid-19 pandemic,” Globa said, noting that this could have a direct impact on a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, which should be held from June 25 to July 1, that is, immediately after the Victory Parade.

Pavel Globa drew attention to a curious combination of circumstances: the current mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, who headed the headquarters of the fight against coronavirus in Russia, will celebrate his 62nd birthday on the eve of June 21.

From the point of view of astrology, according to Globa, such a coincidence cannot pass without a trace for the political career of any person, and with a high degree of probability will become for him a sign of "fatal changes".

No wonder the archetypal embodiment of the summer solstice, the time when the sun begins to symbolically roll down, was considered the ancient Greek Phaeton, which lost control of the Helios chariot and fell from sky-high heights. It is no coincidence that in the ancient Slavic tradition the symbol of the summer solstice and the festival of Kupala associated with it is the wheel of fire rolling from the mountain.

Pavel Globa recalled that on June 21 a large number of famous people were born.

Victor Tsoi, who became a cult figure for a generation of the late 1980s, predicting his death in the song “A Star Named the Sun”, died at the age of 28, “just like his Greek prototype Phaeton”.

Benazir Bhutto became the first woman prime minister in Pakistan. For the people of this Islamic country, she was the embodiment of change, but was killed in a terrorist attack in late 2007.

Edward Snowden, the hero of the most famous espionage scandal of recent years, who has become an outcast in the United States, seems to be almost a hero in Russia, who risked giving refuge to this former CIA officer.

“Having analyzed this information, it is easy to assume that during the current eclipse we will witness a major information scandal”, - Pavel Globa emphasized.

The astrologer drew attention to the fact that the eclipse on June 21 will occur exactly six months before the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, which will take place on December 21, 2020.

Just then, according to Globa, the implementation of the most important geopolitical scenarios will begin for two decades to come.

Globa advised everyone who is not indifferent to the further development of events to carefully monitor what is being implemented in the near future, since "soon enough we will become witnesses to the irreversible consequences of these events".

Almost all planets, according to Globa, are in degrees, indicating secret conspiracies, betrayal, revenge and backstage intrigues.

This configuration hints at the calm before the storm.

According to Globa, we can witness a grandiose deception connected with the legislation, the consequences of which are not immediately disclosed and can become tragic and irreversible for many people.

The Black Moon is always associated with the annular eclipses and on June 21 it is in the sign of Aries. This promises outbreaks of uncontrolled aggression, the danger of riots and pogroms, and can also provoke power to organize very unpopular processes against the opposition.

In the worst cases, Pavel Globa noted, in such historical moments “sacred sacrifices are the world, the presence of which turns out to be a fatal mistake for the actions of those in power”.

In addition, the period is fraught with dangers “on and off the water”: rains, mudflows, dam breaks, storms and tsunamis, underwater explosions, environmental disasters, earthquakes, catastrophes with toxic substances are very likely.

The risk of terrorist attacks is growing; a particular threat looms precisely over the metropolitan regions.

Very interestingly, the famous astrologer spoke about the similarity of astrological indicators of the coming time with the circumstances of the solar eclipse, which occurred on June 19, 1917.

Just on the eve of this date, at the First All-Russian Congress of Soviets, Lenin announced that the Party of Bolsheviks headed by him was ready to take on all the full power in the country.

“At that time the Bolsheviks were just an insignificant handful of little-known politicians, but a month later a huge part of the revolutionary-minded people, dissatisfied with the policies of the interim government, joined them. That’s how Lenin’s statement made during the fatal eclipse period included fateful processes that soon changed not only Russia, but the whole world”, - said Globa.

The astrologer also pointedly emphasized: such eclipses quite often become a symbolic springboard for many charismatic leaders and the parties led by them, capable of uniting and leading the entire protest electorate.

In conclusion, Pavel Globa said that in spite of the fact that a very difficult period awaits us, connected with a temporary preponderance of destructive forces in our world, he continues to hope that this period will not last long, as well as the wisdom that those in power should show , “After all, this would be for all of us the key to an early exit from the current systemic global crisis”.