Posted 18 июня 2020,, 20:59

Published 18 июня 2020,, 20:59

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Thank you, "Novye Izvestia"! " Gratitude of the social worker of the "covid zone"

Thank you, "Novye Izvestia"! " Gratitude of the social worker of the "covid zone"

18 июня 2020, 20:59
Readers write to us not only about their problems and sorrows. Today the editors of "Novye Izvestia" received a letter of thanks from the social worker from Moscow.

Exactly a month ago, on May 18, we published a material - A cry for help from a resident of Ramensky, Gennady Koskin, a social worker in the so-called “red zone” of one of the geronto-psychiatric centers in Moscow.

Let us recall about the crux of the matter: Sberbank refused to grant Gennady a mortgage vacation, citing legislation.

And all this against the background of the fact that a man living with an elderly mother who recently suffered a stroke, lost his job and just got a job.

On the same day, representatives of Sberbank contacted the editors, after which we transferred their contacts to Gennady.

Today it turned out that a solution was found!

We publish the letter of Gennady. We are very glad that Novye Izvestia contributed to the solution of the problem!

“Good afternoon, dear editors!

Today is exactly one month since the publication in Novye Izvestia of the material "The social worker of the Kovid-zone is imploring to extend credit holidays . "

The article was devoted to the difficult situation in which my elderly mother and I found ourselves.

This information caused a rather great resonance, for which I am very grateful to the entire editorial board of Novye Izvestia, and in particular to the journalist Maria Dubinskaya.

I received moral and material support from friends and just kind and helpful people.

But, most importantly, the very next day after the publication of this article, there were calls from Sberbank with constructive suggestions to solve my situation on refinancing a mortgage.

The first bank employee to respond to my cry for help was Lyubov Petrova from the press service of the Central Russian Bank of Sberbank PJSC.

Thank you so much for your attention to me and my mom. Thanks to this, a few days later I was approved a credit vacation and a program for refinancing my loan.

The signing of an additional agreement was postponed due to my part-time work in a closed zone where patients with coronavirus are treated.

Thus, one of the main problems in the mortgage is currently resolved.

Now I can easily earn extra money and search for a permanent job that meets my criteria.

I feel myself reborn, to which a short poem has dedicated:

Years, like the slivers, let them fly without regret. It is not necessary to live counting the years - every day and every birthday is meaningful!

Now I’m going to the next two-week shift to the Geronto-Psychiatric Center of Mercy.

The work is not easy, you need to take care of complex patients around the clock, change clothes, diapers, feed, etc.

But I am not afraid of difficulties and accept this work as a charitable cause.

Well, since I am a journalist by training, I worked for about 8 years in the financial sector, and Sberbank showed generosity towards me - ideally I want to try myself at Sberbank as an SMM specialist.

I’m ready to undergo the necessary training, courses, in order to later find in the social networks the same people as I once had in a difficult situation and render assistance to them.

I’m sure I can do it.

In conclusion, I want to wish all people who find themselves in a difficult situation not to lose heart and not be shy to show off their problems.

There are many good and kind people in the world who can provide real help. But for this, these people should at least know about your difficulties.

Sincerely, your Gennady!”