Posted 18 июня 2020,, 16:11

Published 18 июня 2020,, 16:11

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The end of the hypertrophied "victorious" hysteria: Belanovsky's poll gave the sensational results

The end of the hypertrophied "victorious" hysteria: Belanovsky's poll gave the sensational results

18 июня 2020, 16:11
Contrary to previous studies by sociologists, it turned out that the interrogated Russian citizens threw off the hassle of state propaganda, changing their attitude towards Stalin as the “Commander-in-Chief of the Victory".

As well as to the role of the USSR’s allies in the war, which had previously been greatly diminished, and even the need for military parades...

Truly shocking were the results of a sociological survey conducted by employees of the Belanovsky group, figuring out the attitude of the current generation of Russians towards Victory.

The respondents believe that the greatest contribution to the victory was made by the “heroism of the soldiers and commanders of the Red Army” (68.7%), “the selfless work of the rear people” (46.3%) and ... (surprise-surprise) ͟ “͟the supplies to the USSR on the Lend-Lease of arms, ammunition and food to the USA and England "(46.2%). Then comes the factor of "vast territories of the USSR, impassability and harsh winters" (43.2%).

The following factors of importance are: "USSR superiority over Germany in manpower" (24.2%) and "Allied military operations on the Western Front in 1944-1945, 24.0%"

But the factor of the "inspirational image of Stalin" was rated only (!!!) by 1.1% of respondents.

But the answers of the 75+ age group are amazing. This group estimates the heroism of Soviet soldiers higher than at other ages: 83% versus 69% by mass. Oddly enough, on the contrary, they estimate the work of the rear workers below: 18% versus 46% for the massif.

People aged 75+ evaluate the factor of skillful planning of operations by generals of the Red Army very low, below the significance level of the measurement (0.0%). The age group of 59-64 years old also evaluates below the array average for the massif (1.8% with the array average 5.2%).

Finally, much higher than the average for the whole people 75+ values estimate the contribution of allies Lend-Lease supplies of 81% at an average of 46% and Allied combat operations of 43% at an average of 24%. With regard to Lend-Lease supplies, many older people remember the boxes of American products in the kitchens, in which housewives sprinkled cereals and sugar.

The Russians adequately assess the presentation of information about the Second World War in the media: Fairly and objectively enough - 3.6%. There are doubts about the reliability and veracity - 37.1%. Everything is distorted, continuous propaganda - 56.2%.

15% of the respondents consider it necessary to hold the parade on June 24, 2020, 72% do not consider it necessary (13% found it difficult to answer).

The reasons for the lack of need to hold a parade, the percentage of those who do not see the need: the main one: "This is an outdated attempt by the authorities to unite the people with the help of past victories" - 61.6%. In this context, the position of the 75+ age group, which almost in its entirety noted “the outdated attempt of the authorities to unite the people with the help of past victories,” stands out - 94%!

How to celebrate the Victory Day?

• The position “On this day it is necessary to honor veterans, but not in the form of parades and salutes, but providing them with respect and the dignified old age” gained the largest number of votes - 53%.

• The need for holding a funeral ceremony is said by 24% of respondents, another 12% consider holiday events inappropriate, since this is a day of mourning (in the amount of 36%).

• Only 1.4% of respondents advocate the organization of a fireworks display.

What does Victory Day on May 9 mean to you?

• Only 18% of respondents agreed with the opinion that Victory Day is the main national holiday.

• The majority - 48% of respondents - believe that this holiday is more for war the veterans.