Posted 19 июня 2020,, 07:25

Published 19 июня 2020,, 07:25

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Coronavirus from the Beijing market  appeared to be older than European strains

Coronavirus from the Beijing market appeared to be older than European strains

19 июня 2020, 07:25
The PRC Disease Control and Prevention Center has released and transmitted to the World Health Organization (WHO) the data of the COVID-19 genome, which was found in the Beijing wholesale market.

- On the evening of June 18, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the PRC, through the State System of Scientific and Technical Resources on a New Type of Coronavirus, officially published data on the epidemiological situation in the Xinfadi market and the virus genome, - RIA Novosti published the report from the Center's website.

Moreover, the analysis of the genome showed that the samples are older than the strain common in Europe. Epidemiologist Liu Jun explained that the more mutations a virus has, the newer it is, and “the one with fewer mutations, on the contrary, is an earlier, primary virus”.

- According to the results of the initial genomic study, this virus [on the market in Beijing] came from Europe, but it does have some differences from the strains circulating in European countries. He is older than modern European strains, said the expert.

Liu Jun specified that it is very difficult to track the exact path of coronavirus entering the market in Beijing.

"The virus could take refuge in a batch of frozen foods and with it come from abroad and survive. During transport, while in a frozen state, the virus could not evolve, so it did not mutate", - suggested the epidemiologist who went to Xinfadi three times to collect samples.

Scientists previously discovered that a virus that would be found on the Beijing market is even more infectious than the one that appeared in Wuhan.

Let us recall that after a new outbreak of coronavirus in Beijing, martial law was introduced in one of the districts of the capital. Later martial law was also introduced in Hebei Province, the city of Baoding.