Posted 20 июня 2020,, 20:28

Published 20 июня 2020,, 20:28

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Agreement to humiliation: Russian students pass online exams with their eyes closed

Agreement to humiliation: Russian students pass online exams with their eyes closed

20 июня 2020, 20:28
In some Russian universities, where students have to quit online because of the quarantine, they are forced to do this with their eyes closed so that they don’t use cheat sheets.

Journalist Anna Narinskaya surprised her audience with such an incredible at first glance message:

“I witnessed the students' fulfillment (first-year session) of the requirement to respond with their eyes closed during the zoom exam. (This is a precaution so that the student does not overlay the screen with answers to the chat window and does not read from it). From the side it looks MONSTERY (in just such letters). I began to find out - it turns out, a requirement quite frequent at this session. Not in a single university. Question: is it really better to humiliate students like this, and not bother to re-invent the exam so that there are no answers that need to be memorized (because only then does peeping help)? On the other hand, it amazes me that the children agree to this. Interesting - were there such conditions for passing in Western universities? It seems to me that there have long been student strikes there..."

Indeed, it is difficult to imagine a more humiliating situation than the one in which Russian teachers put their students - a thing unprecedented in Western universities. The readers of the blog were almost unanimous:

- Any knowledge in a second is manifested in a live dialogue, no spurs will help

- Nonsense and rudeness. I myself took exams and tests at the university and I can definitely say that the teacher always sees and understands, is written off or knows. It is enough to ask a couple of clarifying questions, ask for an example, and reason. Those who stupidly wrote off hang up and no longer turn on))

- There should not be questions, the answers to which must be memorized, in any exam. Neither in the zoom nor in the audience. And the described one is the NKVD. Spread, sorry, buttocks.

- The teacher of Mogilyanka Olga Bershadskaya collects life hacks of her colleagues: "The teachers say:" We came up with a way out. We set the requirement that there must be a mirror behind the student".

- The main mystery is why do people basically agree to this??

- We have SUCH teachers, starting from school .. It's still the same complete lack of respect for each other, manifested in everything and always. By this quality, Russians are determined abroad.

Some readers shared foreign experience:

- In the Netherlands, where usually all tests are written (except for language ones where the ability to hear and speak texts is checked), during the virus they either sent the task by mail or talked on skype INDIVIDUALLY with everyone at exactly the agreed time (this is always and everywhere observed accurate to 5 minutes)

- We "here", in Turkey, don't have it. And no one seems to have it. Unprecedented rudeness and violation of all possible rights and freedoms of students.

- In the American university, this is impossible by definition - simply because the exams are all written.

- At us (Paris) all exams are written. The length of service was canceled altogether, the deadlines were extended so that work could be completed in the fall. There were also 3 waves of financial assistance to students who lost their jobs. Students are outraged that the university is partnering with the local Crossroads on this issue, they say that this is an attempt to control their costs...

On our own, we add: the humiliation of citizens, whom the authorities consider cattle and cattle, which will endure any abominations, is a trend in Russian society. Exactly from the same opera - the idea of conducting mass raids on drunk drivers with the help of a miracle device that senses ethanol in a radius of 100 meters. It’s no better practice to check Russian drivers at mobile “urine points”... But they do! Because with the green snot, our children are accustomed to the most inveterate police force.