Posted 20 июня 2020,, 20:17

Published 20 июня 2020,, 20:17

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

“The biggest shameful victory” called the fans a victory of “Sochi” at “Rostov” 10: 1

20 июня 2020, 20:17
The overwhelming majority of fans of all teams, as well as athletes, football experts, commentators and sports officials expressed their extremely negative attitude following the results of the match in Sochi.

It ended in the defeat of the Rostov club with a score of 1:10, which the fans in Rostov-on-Don met as winners.

An agreement on a game marking the resumption of the 23rd round of the Russian Football Championship was reached a few hours before its start. A few days before the match, a coronavirus infection was detected in six players of the Rostov football club, and therefore the whole team was quarantined. However, the request of the Rostovites to transfer the game to FC Sochi was refused. At the same time, they agreed to postpone the match both in the Russian Football Union and in the leadership of the Russian Premier League.

“Rostov” was forced to put on the game very young players, almost boys, most of whom are for “Rostov-2003”. The oldest of the 18 players announced for the game, Nikita Kolotievsky is only 19 years old.

Almost everyone in the country who is involved in football believes that the Rostov boys were simply "framed."

“Boys are guys at all.“ Rostov ”conquered Russia, and“ Sochi ”is a big village,” a note appeared on Football24, which, among others, gives an ironic comment on the social network of even Sochi fans on the eve of the match: “Well, let's , heroes, show yourself against the 17-year-old guys from Rostov.

“This major victory will remain forever as the most shameful,” Championat cites its readers.

“Men are against the boys, more in size and experienced. But they rejoice at the goals, as if a feat near Moscow. Has anyone told them that this is a bastard?” - Another user wonders.

“This match is the quintessence of the whole mess going on in our football at the moment,” said another Russian.

"Congratulations to Sochi FC on their victory in the Fair Play! - the former goalkeeper of the Russian national team Ruslan Nigmatullin spoke sarcastically on Twitter.

“What we saw in this match cannot be called football. It's a disgrace. There is no point in releasing a lightweight boxer against a heavyweight. He simply has no chance. These guys are the same. Of course, they did well. They gave even more than could give in this situation, "- leads the" Soviet sport "According to the ex-football player of the Russian team of Vladimir Bystrov.

“To scratch a deliberate victory from a team that is simply not ready to play is not manly ,” wrote Rostov model Victoria Lopyreva on social networks.

“This is vile and deserves only contemptuous laughter,” quotes KP-Kuban Vasily Utkin, who commented on the match on Twitter.

“Rejoicing in such victories is ridiculous,” TASS quoted Vitaly Mutko, the former president of the Russian Football Union, who is confident that the meeting had to be rescheduled.

Meanwhile, on June 20, Rostov fans met the young players of the team who returned from Sochi as winners.

“The best fans in the world met the team near the Olympus 2 stadium. Thank you for your support, ”wrote Rostov footballers on the club’s Instagram page.