Posted 22 июня 2020,, 09:06

Published 22 июня 2020,, 09:06

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Alexander Gintsburg: Russian vaccine will protect against coronavirus for two years

Alexander Gintsburg: Russian vaccine will protect against coronavirus for two years

22 июня 2020, 09:06
Thanks to a special approach of the National Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology of RAS named after N.F. Gamaleya the created vaccine against COVID-19 can protect a person for two years.

The head of the center Alexander Gintsburg (pictured) told about this to Red Star.

He explained that the vaccine is administered three times - the same gene on different carriers. Thus, it is possible "not only to obtain protective, protective immunity, but to receive it for an extended period of time".

“This approach guarantees with a high probability that the person who received this vaccine in the booster (reinforcing) version will be protected from possible infection with coronavirus for at least two years, and possibly for a longer period”, - the expert said.

The long-term effect of the drug has already been proved by the example of a vaccine against the Ebola virus during the joint work of the SIC and the medical institutions of the Ministry of Defense in Guinea.

By the end of next month, it is planned to complete clinical trials of the drug, which began on June 18 at the Burdenko hospital.

At the same time, the director of the SIC noted that foreign colleagues do not talk about their vaccine development technologies, although they themselves declare that openness is necessary.

“Despite the fact that everyone says that during the pandemic, the development of vaccines should be conducted openly and publicly, however, we don’t know much about the success in this field of specialists abroad”, - said Gintsburg.

According to him, technological solutions used by other countries are incomprehensible to other scientists.

Let us recall that the production of the vaccine developed at the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology of RAS is planned for September.

In addition to the center, leading the development together with the Ministry of Defense, the work on creating a vaccine against coronavirus at the SSC “Vector” and the St. Petersburg Institute of Vaccines and Serums is moving quite quickly.

Earlier in Russia, a drug for the treatment of severe form of COVID-19 - Levilimab of the Biocad company was registered. It was originally used for rheumatoid arthritis.