Posted 23 июня 2020,, 20:54

Published 23 июня 2020,, 20:54

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Nightmares, anemia, fever ... What coronavirus patients actually experience

Nightmares, anemia, fever ... What coronavirus patients actually experience

23 июня 2020, 20:54
Patients who have had a coronavirus infection talk about what they experienced during and after the illness.

It is believed that the pandemic in Russia is on the decline, although experts are not at all sure about this. It is obvious, however, that the Russians, like citizens of other countries, are madly tired of quarantine measures and have reduced their vigilance. Still, you do not need to relax, the cove is still very strong and dangerous. A proof of this can be the evidence of people who have been ill and have been extremely unpleasant in their blogs. The political analyst Irina Varskaya vividly described the course of her illness :

“I picked up the crown, I think, on March 9-10. It all began with a strangely disturbing burning sensation, if all this nonsense is called so in the eyes. Either tingling, or burning, the term is not easy to pick up. But you never know what happens - the continuation is not too waiting. But further - more. Two days later at breakfast, I suddenly realized that I was eating cardboard)) There was no taste at all. It evaporated, as if everything at least somewhat edible had to be evaluated from behind the glass or from the side, from some parallel world.

And it would be worth it already to begin to fear, but I refused to believe in covid in one particular country, since I always had a good sense of smell, from beginning to end. Then a sharp throat arose, then abdominal pains, then headaches, but all this is very moderate, it’s not that you have something really cobwebbing like that: a cold. Then lethargy and, finally, subfebrile TPM, then disappearing, then arising again. The temperature did not stubbornly stray. Although at some periods it seemed to me: here it is, a victory! Three days no temperature!

But on the fourth day she brilliantly got up at 37 exactly, although I felt quite able to live and work. For every fireman I decided to go to Medsi and do tests. For the first time I came across people in spacesuits in Solyanka - everything was technically, strictly, practically soundless. You just almost signs indicated where to sit, what to do. All this resembled the fierce swarming of large white bodies with microscopic instruments. The emptiness of the clinic’s sterile hall, the completely machine-free Kitai-Gorod strangled to association with Chernobyl. I already thought about this a few weeks before - all things seem to be in place, but there is nowhere to put them, nothing to put. The lost world of something there ... uprooting itself, the design of the radioactive dope.

Five days later, instead of the promised three days, a negative analysis came to the cove - and I completely calmed down. But the next day, it seems, something unimaginable began at night. The first sign of brain problems was a nightmare in which I saw a family friend who died of cancer two years ago. More precisely, not his, but his simply utterly large head lying on something like a workbench. I remember a forehead furrowed with large relief wrinkles, as if it were approaching and moving away from my eyes, I could examine it both in the distance and in the vicinity, this way or that. Near his head, just his head on a workbench, stood his son. Frantically twitching his shoulders and trembling, he, so utterly boyish, sobbed angrily. Suddenly I see something like the corner door between them, closing counterclockwise - and rapidly separating them. The door was rapidly approaching his head. I, meanwhile, was already very close to her. The door went to the head. She swayed, jumped, rolled over - and all of her was instantly clouded with decay, I saw the flowing mucus of rotting flesh. I woke up sharply - extremely wary. And at that moment I realized that I wouldn’t get off so easily.

And really. The next night, the dramaturgy replenished with panic attacks that I have never had in my life - never, yes. You wake up in horror, just looking for the fifth corner. You have a completely white, plastered, white face. There is virtually no temperature, it is minimal. But something inexorably convinces you that the situation has gotten out of control - in you, directly inside you, there is something new - an absolutely lethal force. You’re not so afraid that you have to get away from your new self somewhere ... Sensation of edge, horror of edge. And the next night it shoots that in the future (almost a month and a half) will haunt you every night. Around 9-10 pm there is a kind of deaf thrust inside.

It looks like an earthquake, and it’s not an obsession, no, no, but an explosive reaction of the body. From somewhere inside, in just four to seven (!) Minutes, no more, the heat rises in the ninth rampart. And the speed and strength of what is happening are such that it seems to you that a centrifuge is working inside. And you know for sure that you’ll have to “live” with her for at least three to five hours. You can’t let yourself sleep. Because if you fall asleep for at least three or four minutes, you wake up with a feeling of losing territory - really dying agony. Only melee works here - centimeter by centimeter you overpower some kind of biblical horror from your own horror, with the expectation that at about 4 in the morning you will still be allowed to fall asleep, because by this time the covert will definitely fade.

Then in the afternoon, it seems to you that everything seems to be alright, you walk and breathe without problems, but around 6 pm sucking back pain begins, and at 21-23, like a clock, it’s the most ... I will not describe the treatment methods and so on . I just want to say that this disease is a school of survival. Either you, or the "crown", the third is not given. But it’s not very pleasant to feel like a testing ground for a tricky experiment. You stand - and suddenly a severe pain in one eye, so strong that you just howl and clutch at it to somehow defend yourself. And you stand for a few minutes like a local idiot. Or you start convulsive shaking of your legs. Or suddenly you are terribly hit in the forearm. But there wasn’t a blow ... Or your words begin to fall sharply out of your brain - a sensation of the viscosity of speech, of a light sweat of insanity. "What, what I wanted to say, well, it's the same as him?" But you carefully bury yourself from contacts and so on.

And finally, with grief in half, you jump out of this period after asphyxiation and an oxygen concentrator. After serving, as you should, and already considering yourself completely safe for this world, you come into the light of day - and an electric scooter crushes you. Well, then - the beauty of what. How not to remember Job - everything that I was afraid of fell upon me ... "


Film critic Aleksey Medvedev, also ill with cove, described the very unpleasant consequences of this disease that he had to face:

“I promised to tell you about the consequences of Kovid-19 (a speech about the form of moderate severity, which I myself suffered). They write a lot about depression, damage to the central nervous system. It may not be worth exaggerating, but I will limit myself to my own experience. It really looks like depression. What does it mean?

This means that you look normal. It seems like you're rushing into battle. But in fact, you don’t even have the strength to pick a flower. You wake up, so what? There is an option - sing and take a shower. Alas, this is not available to you. Not difficult, but inaccessible, okay? You just can't do it. It is impossible to overcome. Ok, if you're lucky, then you can overcome a couple of other things - get out of bed (that's already wow!), Pour tea. But the shower - no, it must be left for the day after tomorrow.

Now it is clear? It's about a situation where you have no energy. You can’t do anything. You really would like to jump and jump, but no, it doesn’t work. This is a classic picture of "major depressive disorder," and this is a classic picture of covid. It takes away from you just enough energy so that you can look like a man, but at the same time you cannot be a man and act like a man. Zombie. And how to live with it? Please do not force yourself. Do not try to rush, go for a run, read interesting books. This is at best in six months.

Remember what is the main insidiousness of this disease. A serious illness looks and behaves like a serious illness, and the consequences after it are serious. And Kovid-19 looks like an ordinary SARS, and the consequences and risks are much more dangerous than it seems at first glance. You probably heard or read about patients who feel almost normal, do not suffocate, joke, and then it turns out that their lungs are almost destroyed. With the psyche, like, though not so irreversibly, I want to believe. This is the whole point ... "


And another pandemic victim, screenwriter Daria Khrenova explained the reason for this post-mortem state of the body:

This may be the lack of iron - I took a blood test with all the nuances (naturally, on a paid doctor’s advice, our medicine doesn’t recover, in my case it didn’t do any treatment) and it turned out that after the iron virus there’s zero . She made 4 droppers of the energetic and is now cheerful and cheerful. So, as an option, this is anemia, not depression ... yes, the cove eats all the iron and vitamin D, even if it had been swallowed in vitamins before that. And due to the lack of elements, the maximum that can be done in a day at work is to fall asleep. Well, there are many other surprises, but it’s for the conversation “get to the soul”.