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On the issue of riots in the United States: the West has died

23 июня 2020, 20:55
Владимир Василиев
The spiritual foundations on which Western civilization alone rested

The Free Press published a translation of the article,An autopsy showed: drugs were not the killer of George Floyd .

It was written by Paul Roberts, Doctor of Economics, US Under Secretary of Treasury for Economic Policy in the Ronald Reagan Administration, worked as an editor and columnist for The Wall Street Journal, Businessweek magazine, and Scripps Howard News Service, an author of many books on key issues of our time.

For a long time, Roberts has regularly regularly publicly criticized US domestic and foreign policies - not only Democrats, but also US Republicans, not excluding the Trump Administration, which gets the most from Roberts.

And now this author writes:

“George Floyd wasn’t killed by the police. According to a toxicological report, Floyd died from the fact that he had fentanyl in his blood at a concentration three times higher than the lethal one. Fentanyl is a dangerous opioid, 50 times stronger than heroin .

You can read about all this in the article, “ Maybe George Floyd died of a drug overdose?” ". The article has a link to the autopsy report.

Think about it for a moment. What will happen to that society in which facts have no meaning ?

The US media, the Democratic Party, white liberals and apologizing excuses from the left are so “sharpened” by “white racism” that they hastened to draw their desired conclusion and inspired riots and robberies that caused huge damage in many cities property, several people were killed, many people were mutilated, and they did great harm to racial relations.

Democrats - mayors and governors - refused to fulfill their duties .

The police and the National Guard, who tried to contain the violence, did not receive support.

Even the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Defense, appointed by Trump, resigned themselves to riots and robberies, undermining the position of the president, who intends to act against rebellion. "

I will not comment specifically on this post right now, because at least the following articles of mine published from the second half of last to mid-April of this year are the best commentary on it. First of all, we are talking about these my articles, which justify the inevitability of the extreme intensification of the struggle between the two parts of the global international corporation of financial capitalists as they approach the US elections for the strategy of further transformation of the world order which of these two parts will be implemented as a universal global strategy. A compromise between them has long been impossible.

The key to this struggle between the two parts of the global international corporation of the true masters of the world is the struggle for the presidency of the United States. And in this struggle of that part of this global corporation, which has been referred to as “investment (trading) bankers” for more than 100 years by its full members, victory is necessary at any cost, that is, for them this goal justifies any means of achieving it.

All these articles were published long before all the “medical”, PR and political “facts” that Paul Roberts now reports have happened.

And what conclusions the reader will draw from all this, whether or not he (she) will discover the necessary or some other connection between what is discussed in my articles and those facts that Roberts writes about, etc. - this is the reader’s own business, like believing or not believing in anything and anyone (“at least to spite everyone”).

Instead of an afterword on the merits of the subject matter

The user yakommunist commented on this post in the New Worker community: “ In digital civilization, lies have been and will be produced in huge quantities. After all, this is a means of victory in capitalist competition. It’s strange that this causes outrage . ”

Or maybe this “oddity” reveals something very significant?

Indeed, the “strangeness” of the total representation of lies under the guise of truth as truth and instead of truth is not for a simple layman, but for one of the major economist-ideologists of the bourgeoisie .

And the essence of the matter, most likely, is not that credit is not only credit , but first of all, trust based on faith, on beliefs and confidence.

However, inside the New West itself, its thinkers, for example, Jose Ortega y Gasset, perceived and evaluated trust precisely as that which exists before faith and on which it (faith) is based, is based.

Max Weber, a quarter of a century earlier, Jose Ortega-i-Gasseta scientifically (in the new Western perception and assessment of scientificness) substantiated: the spirit of capitalism is the spirit of Protestantism, first of all, as well as of all Western Judeo-Christianity.

And although Weber himself did not unambiguously formulate the latter in brief definitions, his closest friend, sociologist and economist Werner Sombart, who is often considered at the same time also Weber’s “student” in sociology, quite unambiguously deduced the origin of capitalism, all its institutions from the spirit of Judaism and Judeo-Christianity .

But before them and before them these conclusions were made publicly known by none other than Karl Marx (Article 1843, “On the Jewish Question”).

So what is confidence and trust in credit ? Confidence in the spiritual kinship of those who simultaneously provide each other with mutually “credit” and mutually use “credit”, and therefore trust between them.

The whole society of the New West (in contrast to the Old West = Antique West) in general, and its (New West) work is a bourgeois society, in particular, is nothing but a corporation of spiritual production.

Moreover, all forms of social organization of this society, starting with the family (household), continuing with local communities (“communes”, etc. territorial community-settlements), public (including religious and political) and business corporations , and ending with nations and their associations (unions), there is nothing but varieties of corporations of spiritual kinship.

And now it became obvious to one of the major ideologists of this society, which, unlike ordinary people, has a habit of reflection, the very foundation of this society is not just being destroyed, but already destroyed so much that it’s already “for all that’s left of this society,” irrelevant"!

Oswald Spengler in 1918 publicly announced the impending "Sunset of Europe", that is, the imminent death of the West as the West.

In the 1970-1980s, mainly French and other “intellectuals” of the West ascertained the final “psychological death of the West”, because by that time the USA had “psychologically died”, and Europe as such had “died” in the 1920-1940s. However, these “intellectuals” associated the “psychological death” of the West with the complete and final loss of “psychic energy” by the West, without which not only any creativity, but also all creation is not possible at all.

And now, one of the modern major ideologists of the West (Paul Roberts) stated the collapse and decay of the very spiritual foundations on which the West alone rested: the spirit of the West = the spirit of capitalism = ethos (Weber) of the West died.

Decaying, the internal connection of the corporations of the spiritual kinship of the New West is breaking up. What can keep such a society from its final transition from outer space (orderliness and order) to chaos (complete absence of any orderliness and order)?

Such a society as a whole, that is, in integrity, can now be held only by an external reins, fetters, that is, violence, coercion “from outside”, coercion external, not internal - imperium (political police power) of New Rome over all its neo-provinces and other parts without exception.

And this police power of New Rome should be truly total and global, carried out not at the expense of the New Rome itself (it already has no resources for this), but at the expense of the neo-provinces themselves and their entire native population.

However, as Paul Roberts testifies, the controllability and legal capacity of the police power itself are not only called into question, but require immediate restoration, even in New Rome itself.

Otherwise - social chaos, which in Russia has long been called the Time of Troubles. But now we are talking about the reality of the threat of the Troubles global and total ...

This is what cannot but cause sincere indignation among the actual citizens of New Rome, which Paul Roberts has always been and remains ... "

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