Posted 25 июня 2020,, 09:37

Published 25 июня 2020,, 09:37

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In the Altai Territory residents blocked the highway due to lack of water

In the Altai Territory residents blocked the highway due to lack of water

25 июня 2020, 09:37
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Zmeinogra tract blocked residents of the village of Siberian Valley near Barnaul. Protesters said the terrible quality of water and the arbitrariness of developers. The prosecutor’s office began a check.

- The fact of blocking the road took place to be. Indeed, there are problems with water supply. All houses in the village are private. The information is being clarified, - quotes representatives of the Barnaul administration as saying to Interfax.

The prosecutor’s office began a check. Local residents have repeatedly complained about the quality of water and its irregular supply.

- From the reports it follows that the water in the village is not supplied regularly and of inadequate quality. During the inspection, an assessment will be given to the quality of the services, the supervisor said.

The residents themselves published a statement on the social network. It speaks not only about problems with water, but also about roads, as well as problems with local developers.

- Former developers, the current director of the water supply organization VodSNAB and his father, made a mess in the village. Including problems with roads that were supposed to be transferred to common ownership in order to transfer them to the balance of the Barnaul administration, they are now privately owned with the following consequences. And this cleaning and repair of roads only at the expense of residents. The “owner" himself does not want to clean and repair his property. And most importantly, the networks that have been identified as ownerless with great difficulty, want to capture and master alone, as it has a well and a tower that were originally attached to the sites being sold. The water quality is terrible. Now he is blackmailing people with this well and supplying water intermittently, the residents said.

Citizens complain that after appealing to officials they received only unsubscribes in response. They indicate that they remained without water during the period of self-isolation introduced in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. “Without the ability to even wash your hands!” - citizens are indignant. According to their estimates, there was no water supply in more than 700 houses, where about three thousand people live.