Posted 25 июня 2020,, 15:14

Published 25 июня 2020,, 15:14

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Putin declared inadmissibility of the “coercion” during the voting on the Constitution

Putin declared inadmissibility of the “coercion” during the voting on the Constitution

25 июня 2020, 15:14
The results of the vote on constitutional amendments should not be called into question - they must be reliable, said Russian President Vladimir Putin. He emphasized the inadmissibility of the “coercion” and “rigged attendance”.

"Our most important common task is that the results of the all-Russian vote would be absolutely reliable, legitimate, no “coercion” and “rigged attendance” should be allowed here, not to mention the failures in accounting the votes, so that later no one can ever question the position that the citizens will express", - the head of the state said during a meeting with the members of the Public Chamber.

Despite the fact that amendments to the Basic Law do not require a nationwide vote, the president noted, he considered it necessary to allow citizens to speak out for or against the adoption of the amendments themselves.

“I thought it was extremely important that people express their direct attitude to the amendments that are being adopted, only they themselves, only our citizens have the right to decide what our Basic Law should be like”, - Putin said.

He pointed out that the Public Chamber and the election commission are obliged to monitor the voting process to ensure compliance with the rules, including sanitary safety.

“The main thing, of course, is the organization of the free will expression on the most important principle issue for the present and future of our country, and for each of its citizens”, - said the president.

Let us recall that today the vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation started. Due to the risk of coronavirus infection, it was decided to vote between June 25 and July 1.

Earlier the Kremlin representatives stated that they are not afraid that citizens can contract coronavirus during the voting.