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Published 25 июня 2020,, 10:39

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The riddle of the day: where did the veteran get the rare and a very expensive Order of Victory?

The riddle of the day: where did the veteran get the rare and a very expensive Order of Victory?

25 июня 2020, 10:39
In total, 17 people were awarded this order, and all of them have already died.

The journalist Ilya Shepelin asked a question in his blog that he could not solve even with the help of his many readers:

“My God, what a veteran took the parade today. The highest and largest star is the Order of Victory. The production of one such order required 180 diamonds and 300 grams of platinum.

And all the gentlemen of the order are more than known. There are only 17 of them: Stalin, Marshals Zhukov, Vasilevsky (2 times each), Konev, Rokossovsky, Malinovsky, Tolbukhin, Govorov, Tymoshenko, Antonov, Meretskov, General Eisenhower, Field Marshal Montgomery, Romanian King Michael I, Polish Marshal Rolya-Zhimersky, Yugoslav Secretary General Tito and our Secretary General Brezhnev.

All of the above are not only deceased, but Brezhnev was also posthumously deprived of the Order of Victory. Who, then, this marshal was? And how long can you turn the Victory parade into a masquerade ball?

(Clarification: this grandfather was at the parade in St. Petersburg, and not near the Mausoleum, please forgive me for this omission)


They write that only the value of the jewelry of this medal is a couple of million dollars..."

Readers of the blog vividly responded to this riddle, making various assumptions, the main of which was undoubtedly this:

- Listen, well, the head of the general staff at once wears the 3rd and 4th degrees of awards, although only one degree, the “senior”, is worn... What do you want from a very elderly person, well, they handed some kind of sign similar to the Order of Victory , Umalatova won veterans packs handing out awards similar to awards of the times of the USSR.

- At the beginning of the zero-years in Moscow, a whole batch of replicas was made. Both full copies with diamonds, and fakes from basic metals.


Blogger Yan Orlov suggested how this order appeared:

“These are just fake badges from the swindlers. But where does the FSO (Federal Protective Service) look, why are these, so to speak, “rewards” allowed to the stands?

Order of the Great Victory

The order was established by the Academy of Security, Defense and Law Enforcement. Order of the Great Victory.


The Order of the Academy of Security, Defense and Law and Order “The Great Victory” is a red enamel five-pointed star with a silver border. In the center of the star there is a round medallion covered with blue enamel and having a golden edging. In the medallion is a silver image of a monument to the soldiers of the Soviet Army (opened May 9, 1949 in Treptower Park) against a background of diverging rays. On the edge: at the top there is an inscription: “GREAT VICTORY”; left and right laurel branches are placed; below are the dates: "1941-1945".

The five-pointed star has between its rays five differently great diverging silver rays. On the reverse side of the order in a circle there is an inscription: “Order. Law Enforcement Security Academy” and there is a pin clip for attaching the order to clothes.


The Order of the Academy of Security, Defense and Law and Order “Great Victory” is awarded to:

- military personnel and civilian personnel who took part in the military operations on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War in the ranks of the USSR Armed Forces, partisans and members of underground organizations operating during the Great Patriotic War in the temporarily occupied territories of the USSR; - rear workers who were awarded orders and medals of the USSR for selfless labor during the Great Patriotic War; former juvenile prisoners of concentration camps, ghettos and other places of forced detention created by the Nazis and their allies during the Second World War;

- citizens of foreign states who fought as part of military national formations in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the USSR, as part of partisan detachments, underground groups, and other anti-fascist formations, who made a significant contribution to the Great Victory in the Great Patriotic War and were awarded state awards of the USSR, the Russian Federation or Academy awards security, defense and law and order;

- other persons who have made a significant contribution to the development of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the welfare and development of the Russian state, by decision of the Presidium of the Academy of Security, Defense and Law and Order.

“Academy of Security, Defense and Law Enforcement Problems” - was liquidated on December 10, 2008 by a decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. The organization established the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization “National Committee of Public Awards”, together with which 73 types of awards were developed. The design of these awards resembled state awards of the Russian Empire and the USSR. The award ceremonies also resembled state ones, although formally these were private events.

The report of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation said: “...In particular, ABOP and the National Committee, contrary to the current legislation, established 73 types of state decorations that are identical to the state, including orders, medals, badges, and also established degrees, introduced uniforms similar to military uniforms , as well as military ranks... " “... Samples of diplomas and certificates issued by the academy are similar to state diplomas and certificates, which does not exclude their use as such ...” All this, according to the prosecutor's office: "...creates the conditions for corruption and discredits the government ...".

In December 2008, all the orders and medals established by her were removed from the organization’s office in Moscow on Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Street 26/40, they were officially declared invalid. .. "


Meanwhile, in the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation there is article 17.11. “The unlawful wearing of state decorations”, which states:

1. The wearing of an order, a medal, a badge of honor, an insignia of the Russian Federation, the RSFSR, the USSR, medals or ribbons of medals on planks by a person who is not authorized to do so - will entail a warning or an administrative fine in the amount of one thousand to one thousand five hundred rubles with confiscation of the order, medal, badge of honor, the insignia of the Russian Federation, the RSFSR, the USSR, order ribbons or ribbons of medals on the slats..."