Posted 26 июня 2020,, 20:51

Published 26 июня 2020,, 20:51

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BLM movement is ready to burn the whole system in African American Revolution

BLM movement is ready to burn the whole system in African American Revolution

26 июня 2020, 20:51
One of the leaders of the organization Black Lives Matter said that it is planned the general mobilization of African-Americans to fight the white race.

A popular blogger Alexey Ivanov, following many of his compatriots, also became concerned about the situation in the United States, drawing attention to an interview with Fox News: Black Lives Matter president of the New York branch of the organization:

If this country does not give us what we want, we will burn this system and replace it. Clear? I can say it both figuratively and literally”.

The blogger noted that the 43-year-old Newsome advocates revolutionary violence in the liberation of African Americans, and in addition, Jesus Christ was the most famous black radical revolutionary...

And he is not alone: one of the founders of the Black Lives Matter (at the same time belonging to the white race), former pastor Sean King recently called for the destruction of all images of the white Jesus:

Yes, I believe that the statues of the white Caucasoid, supposedly Jesus, also need to be removed. All this is a kind of white chauvinism. And it always has been ... Tear them down! Yes. All the frescoes and stained glass windows with the white Jesus, his Europoid mother and their white friends also need to be destroyed. They are a gross form of white superiority. Created as a tool of oppression. Racist propaganda. They must all be destroyed. All white supremacy tools must be torn down. All of them. If Jesus was the fair-haired blue-eyed Jesus in your religion, then your religion is not Christianity, but white superiority. The White Jesus is a lie, a figment of the imagination of white chauvinists. This is not harmless. This is a clear tool of oppression. In movie. In art. Wherever. Christian whiteness has always been dangerous, always cruel. Images of the white Caucasoid Jesus are an instrument of oppression for the superiority of whites and must be destroyed".

But that is not all. The fact is, Newsom recently told DailyMailTV that its comrades-in-arms have already developed the Black Opts (Black Opportunity) plan, which involves mobilizing African-Americans to form military units: “ We want to be free. We want, We want strength to determine our own destiny ... And we are getting ready. We prepare and educate our people. We have black special forces officers who advise us, and we train and train people in our communities...

Moreover, he sees the role model of the famous extremist organization Black Panthers, created in 1966 and lasting until the early 1980s.

It is interesting that Trump wrote about this on his blog: “This is treason, rebellion, rebellion!".