Posted 28 июня 2020, 20:44

Published 28 июня 2020, 20:44

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Human rights activist: shaman Gabyshev is “jammed” with pills and is not allowed to go for walks

28 июня 2020, 20:44
Alexander Gabyshev told his lawyer that the male part of the department in which he is staying is not taken out for walks at all, the windows are tightly closed, he himself complains of a constant drowsiness and swelling.

As you know, the Memorial human rights center recognized as political prisoners the Yakut shaman Alexander Gabyshev, who was held in a psychiatric hospital by unjust and politically motivated court decision. On their website, human rights activists reported that they considered Gabyshev “a political prisoner, according to international guidelines for the definition of this concept. The deprivation of liberty was applied to him solely because of political and religious convictions, as well as the non-violent exercise of freedom of movement, expression, peaceful assembly, conscience and religion...” Activists called for his immediate and unconditional release and full rehabilitation with damages.

Human rights activist Alexei Pryanishnikov from Tomsk writes on his blog about the conditions in which Gabyshev is held in a psychiatric hospital:

“Yesterday, during a telephone conversation with our lawyer Olga Timofeyeva, Alexander Gabyshev said that on June 26 a patient from his house named Kirillin tried to attack him, who threw things, insulted obscene words, and in general provoked Alexander to aggression. He held back, the orderlies were called. Kirillin was transferred to another ward. Alexander will have a medical commission next week, and I do not exclude that this was a provocation before this procedure. We are not paranoid, as it may seem, but the story is strange. Together with an incomprehensible message at the beginning of the week in state-owned media with reference to the head physician of the dispensary Pripuzov about the alleged penetration of an unknown person into the dispensary’s premises in order to free Alexander, all this looks super strange.

Let me remind you that the news came out on the eve of the scheduled appeal hearing in the Supreme Court of Yakutia. A number of authoritative media, including RBC, asked the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Yakutia about this incident, but they found it difficult to answer. If this is a game comrade Pripuzov, these are dumb games for him: he must understand that if something happens, the customers will bounce, and he will answer for everything according to the law, I told him about this.

Alexander also said that the male part of the department in which he is located is not taken out for walks at all, the windows are tightly closed. He complains of constant drowsiness and swelling (earlier, according to a photo taken by lawyer Olga Timofeeva at a meeting this week, we also noted swelling on the face and hands). We will file a complaint with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) about the regime of keeping patients in the male section of the dispensary in which Alexander is located.

Alexander today expressed deep gratitude to everyone who supports him, it helps him morally..."


At the same time, a petition was published on calling: “No punitive medicine! Freedom to the shaman Alexander Gabyshev!”, Which has already been signed by about 60 thousand people.