Posted 2 июля 2020,, 12:26

Published 2 июля 2020,, 12:26

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Lukashenko proclaims victory of Belarus over coronavirus

Lukashenko proclaims victory of Belarus over coronavirus

2 июля 2020, 12:26
Фото: Белта
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, the country's health system survived and was able to win.

The head of the republic said this during the presentation of state awards to health workers, Belta reports.

“At the forefront of coronavirus infection were doctors. Our health care system has survived. But we are not reducing the degree of struggle, although today we can say - we won”, - Lukashenko said, adding that Belarus“ has demonstrated political sanity and popular wisdom”.

In early June, Alexander Lukashenko announced the need to defeat “four to five pandemics” in the country at once, urging citizens to “beautifully” go through the period of spread of coronavirus infection. According to him, the victory "over pandemics" must be won in the field of healthcare, politics, economics, as well as to overcome the "info pandemic".

Lukashenko has repeatedly emphasized that the path chosen by Belarus to combat coronavirus, in which strict restrictive measures were not introduced in the country, is correct. Meanwhile, UN High Commissioner Michelle Bechelet said that in some countries, including Belarus, they underestimate the danger of coronavirus and undermine the efforts of other countries in the fight against the spread of infection.

Belarus became the only post-Soviet country to hold the Victory Parade on May 9. Shortly after it, Alexander Lukashenko said that contrary to experts' forecasts, the number of newly detected cases of infection in the republic has significantly decreased.

To date, about 62.5 thousand cases of COVID-19 infection have been registered in Belarus, 398 patients have died.