Posted 3 июля 2020,, 20:42

Published 3 июля 2020,, 20:42

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The case on pedophilia: the fate of Prince Andrew is hanging in the balance

The case on pedophilia: the fate of Prince Andrew is hanging in the balance

3 июля 2020, 20:42
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The youngest son of the British Queen, Prince Andrew, is implicated in the juvenile seduction scandal that is being investigated by New York prosecutors. Today a suspect has been arrested, who may testify against the prince. The case grows into a global scandal with unpredictable consequences.

Elena Ivanova

In the British royal family everything is not that good, again. The scandal with Prince Harry and his American wife Meghan Markle had not been forgotten when the younger grandson of the Queen, defending the honor of her wife, slammed the door loudly and refused to represent the family, as a new problem loomed on the horizon - this time with the youngest son of the Queen, Prince Andrew. But the prince keeps darker secrets. This is not a quarrel between two daughters-in-law and a relationship between brothers. This is an investigation by the FBI on the involvement of minors and pedophilia in prostitution. Prince Andrew became involved in this story because of his friendship with pedophile billionaire and child seducer Jeffrey Epstein, who was convicted by an American court and committed suicide in prison. Today it became known that the FBI arrested Epstein’s former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, who was wanted and hiding from justice. She is accused of pimping and seducing minors. The investigation believes that Maxwell played a key role in this dirty story. She found young girls for sexual pleasures for Epstein and his high-ranking guests, and she herself had sex with Epstein.

The prince is not charged, but the prosecutor has several times invited a member of the royal family to testify. The prince fenced off American Themis with a wall of lawyers who are standing on their defense for their royal client to prevent another interview with the Prince of York. The first interview the prince gave about his male friendship with Epstein Air Force (video here) ended with the abdication of all powers in the royal family and removal from Buckingham Palace. As they say, the queen was beside herself from the awkward attempts of her son to get out of this dirty story.

All these people are members of the highest American and British society. All of them led a privileged life and did not know the hardships of life. And now the New York City prosecutor’s office accuses Gislane Maxwell, the daughter of a newspaper baron from the UK, for sex crimes against underage girls. Rumors about the "Lolita Express", an Epstein plane in which he loved to ride girls and have sex with them, have been around for a long time. But he had very high-ranking friends, such as President Trump or President Clinton. Therefore, justice could not reach him for so long. And for a lot of money you can buy everything, and freedom, and innocence. As this story showed, only for a while. The end has come anyway.

Now "Madame" has been sent to prison, the fate of Prince Andrew and the reputation of the royal family depends on her testimony now. Buckingham Palace is anxiously awaiting news from New York. It took thirty years for the Windsor to regain its reputation after the persecution, and then the tragic death of Princess Diana. With great difficulty, the royal house won again the love and sympathy of the British. If US prosecutors prove the prince’s guilt, thirty years of work may be in vain. The fate of the British monarchy depends on Ghislaine Maxwell.