Posted 3 июля 2020,, 14:29

Published 3 июля 2020,, 14:29

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Twitter will remove the words like 'master', 'blacklist' and 'slave' from its code

Twitter will remove the words like 'master', 'blacklist' and 'slave' from its code

3 июля 2020, 14:29
Фото: Twitter
Currently, the social network Twitter is removing the words "master", "slave" and "black list" from its program codes and replaces them with more "inclusive" ones. The innovation is associated with mass protests against racial discrimination in the United States and in many other countries over the world.

By decision of the leadership of Twitter, instead of the named series of negatively colored words that users write on social networks, inclusive words will now automatically appear, the company said.

"An inclusive language plays a decisive role in creating the environment we are in. On Twitter, the language we used in our codes does not reflect our values as a company and does not represent the people we work for. We want to change that", - RIA News cited Twitter statement.

From now on, instead of the phrase "black list" on Twitter, the concept of a "list of refusals" will appear, the word "master" is replaced by "leader", and "slave" - by "follower".

“This is not only about English terms or codes. Words are also important for our meetings, our conversations and the documents we create”, - the statement said.

In addition, in the near future from the social network such stable turns as the “white list”, “operability check”, “fictitious value” and many others will also disappear.

A little earlier, amid protests against racism, more than a dozen American publications decided to write the word "black" in capital letters in their materials. According to the editors, this is a manifestation of respect for black people. At the same time, the spelling of the word "white" in the American media remains the same - with a lowercase letter.