Posted 3 июля 2020,, 15:14

Published 3 июля 2020,, 15:14

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You will not please the offended: how the desire for the tolerance led to complete destruction

You will not please the offended: how the desire for the tolerance led to complete destruction

3 июля 2020, 15:14
The story of how difficult and even almost impossible to overcome the mistrust of offended people

A very demonstrative story about how tolerant behavior in racial issues leads to even bigger problems was described in a blog post by journalist Ostap Carmody on the example of a network of yoga classes in the US state of Colorado, which has bankrupted just because of this only reason:

“The business, like all similar businesses around the world, was hit hard by the coronavirus, but that was not the end of it.

The owner, a young progressive white guy, built a super-inclusive business with virtually free classes for the poor, gender-neutral locker rooms, days for LGBT people, days for non-whites that were not allowed to white, and classes to overcome racism.

This was not enough for some team members. They accused the owner that he loves LGBT people not sincerely, because he does not hire a special third-party diversity consultant, the company does not allocate special funds to support color and LGBT +, and there are too many photos of white people on the company's website.

When the management, in response to the last paragraph, made a photo session with colored employees and clients, the critics became even more angry and accused him of tokenism (a formal concession to a principle or requirement, aimed, perhaps, to fulfill the requirement, but without full agreement with it. This term is often used when considering racial and sexual problems. - Ed.). BLM branding posts in instagram only fueled the allegations of insincerity.

All this happened just before the quarantine was lifted and in the midst of the BLM movement. As a result of the scandal, about half of the company's customers abandoned their subscriptions in protest against the hidden racism of the leadership.

The owner was left without a source of income and went bankrupt. Now he is selling his house to get out of debt.

What conclusion do I make from this story? If you build a business in such a way as to attract an ultra-sensitive, easily traumatized clientele, this clientele will certainly discover a trigger in your own actions. No matter how you try to run after time, there are people who will run faster. The owner himself, with his own hands, built his misfortune.

What conclusion does the company owner make from this story? "Now I'm learning how to express my thoughts in a more inclusive way and with more respect for diversity".

It reminds me very much of the public statements of the victims of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

And I really feel sorry for the guy. Apparently, he really wanted to make the world a better place - and not by breaking windows and breaking monuments, but by something constructive. But something went wrong..."


Social psychologist Alexei Roshchin noted another unpleasant morality in this story:

“The worst thing is to cave in under the weak and persecuted - because they have too much hatred. And they are ready to gobble up anyone who is nearby - and you will turn out to be just that anyone: you only wish them well, and therefore came too close. The strong can still leave you alone, but the weak and persecuted - never.

And the conclusion: there should be no bending and preferences for the weak and oppressed - migrants, LGBT, mulattos, blacks and Asians. Only - ON EQUAL TERMS. Something I do not like - went out. This will be a normal, adult, moderately respectful attitude. Nothing heals relations like talking on equal terms..."

To match the reaction of blog readers:

- It seems to me that no one cares about inclusiveness, diversification, equality. And now we are witnessing the world championship in the discipline of "who is most offended here." The team of white heterosexuals is disqualified immediately and in full force.

- Classic. What they fought for - ran into something. The most touching thing is the repentance statement.

- At such moments, I enjoy life in a politically incorrect and sexist country. We still have in the town on a fitness advertisement a little ball painted with kettlebells and no one is outraged...