Posted 6 июля 2020,, 16:18

Published 6 июля 2020,, 16:18

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Answer for Lakhova: Bill Gates irradiates Russians with homosexuality from the satellite

Answer for Lakhova: Bill Gates irradiates Russians with homosexuality from the satellite

6 июля 2020, 16:18
Social networks cheerfully reacted to Yekaterina Lakhova's criticism of Rainbow ice cream.

As you know, last Friday during Putin’s online meeting with members of the working group preparing amendments to the Constitution, the head of the Union of Women of Russia and former State Duma deputy Yekaterina Lakhova made a phenomenal stupid statement - she complained to Putin about Rainbow ice cream, which she considered propaganda of "unconventional values" among Russian children:

“Yes, we should not have propaganda today. But today we have billboards, for example, hanging rainbow-colored, beautiful these colors are. It seems to be imperceptible, with beautiful words, or advertise ice cream, which is called the "Rainbow", and so on. "Eat this ice cream", and so on. Therefore, it indirectly, but still makes our children get used to that color, to that flag, which, in general, was hung out including at this embassy. Therefore, I really wanted to, nevertheless, those values that we tried to lay in our Constitution, that they were in control and that we had the truth, indeed, an assignment, Vladimir Vladimirovich..."

Putin answered Lakhova like this:

“Of course, you know, here you can’t keep track of everyone, where anyone came up with what label and so on. If there is reason to believe that this is propaganda of unconventional values for us, then simply without these public organizations that share the official position of the Russian authorities, including those set forth, in fact, both in the Constitution and in our laws and by-laws that were adopted earlier, it is necessary in an appropriate way, but not aggressively, this is the most important thing, not aggressively, to expose such public control..."

Alas, representatives of the Russian authorities at all levels are probably unaware that their extremely aggressive reaction to any (and imaginary, too) manifestation of homosexuality has long been explained by psychologists. In short, it boils down to the fact that the persecution of representatives of sexual minorities even among the ancient tribes was associated with the fear of a decrease in the number of human communities, which threatened them with enslavement from neighbors. That is - this fear has purely evolutionary foundations and nothing else.

Of course, this dialogue did not pass by users of social networks who got loose, as they say, in full!

Funny pictures, such as this one dedicated to Isaac Newton (and, as you know, he also studied theories of light), appeared on virtually every blog.

And Natasha Kiselyova invited the ice cream producers to generously thank Lakhova for the advertisement:

“In general, the Clean Line should ship the Lakhovy Centner of ice cream, no one had such a lightning-fast call to action...”

The writer Sergey Besedin logically developed the theme of “rainbow”:

“Here on Facebook they already propose to ban the Gay-Lussac law and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. In order not to lead the Russians to sinful thoughts.

I believe that after this it is necessary to break all Geiger counters, bury the Heidelberg man back, burn Heine’s books, shut up all the geysers and crush the Geisha candies with the tractor (they are generally even doubly alien for us)...”

And the historian Pavel Puchkov recalled Pelevin, who predicted the rainbow situation in the novel iPhuck10, published in 2017:

“The fresco, indeed, most of all resembled the murals of clubs in military units, handwritten propaganda posters of the late Soviet era and other similar art objects. In this case, the writing technique cannot be called completely inept. She gravitated to military primitivism, but the rough strokes of a broad brush created a complete and complex image.

A shirtless muscular man in camouflage pants raced through the mountains on a furious polar bear. The rider's face expressed inexorable determination. Huge flowers the size of trees grew on the slopes of the mountains, bees and dragonflies flew, the sky was cut by swallows, nature was abundant.

From the gorge left behind the bear's back peeked out unhealthily pale faces, skewed with anger and filled with vices. All the patterns available to me indicated precisely such emotional templates. At first I didn’t understand why they were so unhappy - and then I noticed a bag hanging on a bear’s croup, from which colorful stars and lightnings burst into the wild. The thin arrows drawn from the neck of the bag showed that all the exaggerated wealth of colors on the mountain slopes escaped exactly from there".