Posted 9 июля 2020,, 12:44

Published 9 июля 2020,, 12:44

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Bantered for a while. Seven Russians arrested in USA for the racist debauch

Bantered for a while. Seven Russians arrested in USA for the racist debauch

9 июля 2020, 12:44
The Russian company celebrated Independence Day on one of the Oregon beaches so “gaily” that it ended up behind bars in body.

On Independence Day on July 4, seven people were arrested and detained on Lincoln City Beach for the racist brawl and the disruption of public order - all Russians.

American blogger Irina Birman publishes the names of the detainees and talks about the circumstances of this case:

- Gennady Kachankov (30)

- Yuri Kachankov (30 years)

- Antoly Kachankov (28)

- Andrey Zaitsev (28)

- Oleg Saranchuk (45)

- Ruslan Tkachenko (22)

- A man who refused to name himself

On Saturday July 4, 2020, US Independence Day, at about 9:33 p.m., police in Lincoln City, Oregon, were called to the beach area in front of the Spanish Head Hotel, who were told that several people were launching illegal fireworks on the beach and bothered other citizens.

The first officers who arrived at the scene on beach ATVs of the Lincoln City Police Department were immediately surrounded by a group of about 10 people who, under the clear influence of alcohol, who began to taunt and incite officers to try to take away their tools for the illegal fireworks.

A few more police officers arrived at the scene a bit later and found out that the same group of white people mocked a family of black people with children, shouting racial insults, insulting them and applying Nazi salutes. The black family stated that they felt that these people threatened and intimidated them with their actions.

Police officers formed a living wall at the scene between a group of white people and a black family, which gave the family the opportunity to safely leave the beach and return to their hotel room. Throughout this time, several people from the white group continued to mock the officers and drag them out. Other members of the group began to launch an illegal firework in the air in front of the police.

After several more officers arrived at the scene, they all approached a confrontationally and very drunk group and arrested them on various criminal charges.

Gennady Kachankov (30), Antoly Kachankov (28), Andrey Zaitsev (28), Oleg Saranchuk (45), Ruslan Tkachenko (22), all of Clark County, Washington, were charged with the following crimes: rowdy, obstruction of police actions, disturbance of public order II, contempt, possession of illegal fireworks and scattering of garbage. Yuri Kachankov (30 years old) was also accused of resisting arrest.

All detainees were taken to the Lincoln City Police Department and placed under arrest. Due to the situation of the coronovirus in the county county prison, subpoenas were given subpoenas, after which they were temporarily released. Another man who refused to identify himself and who did not have an identity card was taken and imprisoned in Lincoln County to establish his identity with fingerprints and was also charged with all of the above crimes.

The Lincoln City Police thanks the Toledo Police Department and the Lincoln County Parole Department who helped us make this incident public.


In her next post, Birman commented on this situation, which is by no means rare for America:

“About the total ignorance and inexcusable misunderstanding of the essence and context of the protests by Russians living in the USA, I can say that Russians assimilate very poorly. They despise Americans with all their internal chauvinism for their “primitive culture” and simplicity. They prefer to communicate with each other, they know English poorly - in order to maintain an informal conversation at dinner.

A few years ago, a very respected liberal economist, giving in to a dinner at a common company, convinced me that American experts knew nothing about Russia. To my question “why do you think so?”, He answered “but because all the Americans are stupid!”

In his novel "The Foreigner", published in 1986, Dovlatov wrote about Russians in New York:

“We consider local residents as something like foreigners. If we hear English, then we are alarmed. In such cases, we urge you:

- Speak Russian!…

We have a difficult feeling for Americans. I don’t even know what is more about it - indulgence or reverence. We pity them, like unreasonable careless children. However, we repeat it now and then:

“One American told me...”

...We have relatively few blacks. More Latinos.

For us, these are mysterious people with transistors. We do not know them. However, just in case, we despise and fear.

An oblique Frida complains:

- We’d go to our lousy Africa!.. Frida herself comes from the city of Shklov. She prefers to live in New York...”

In general, the “oblique Frida”, as it turned out, today is a good collective self-portrait of the larger half of the Russian liberal opposition...”