Posted 12 июля 2020,, 22:31

Published 12 июля 2020,, 22:31

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Forecast: courts in Moscow will be inundated with lawsuits against illegal fines for years to come

Forecast: courts in Moscow will be inundated with lawsuits against illegal fines for years to come

12 июля 2020, 22:31
During the quarantine, the journalist Anatoly Baranov accumulated several fines of 5 thousand rubles for "violation of the regime".

Despite the fact that as a journalist he had the right to move around the city freely, but at the same time he also issued a QR-code, which indicated the number of the car, so that automatic cameras do not write out a fines.

But this did not help, Anatoly Baranov writes in LiveJournal, - fines still came.

Naturally, he wrote letters in the prescribed manner, demanding the abolition of illegally imposed punishments.

And so, he began to receive answers.

"The Moscow Administrative Road Inspectorate addressed the issue of administrative responsibility, sent 2Z .05 .202O to the official server of the Moscow Government, has been considered.

We inform you that based on the results of the consideration of the complaint against resolution 035b04z010 | 200522020z4 | 87 in the case of an administrative offense (hereinafter referred to as the decision), the MADI official issued a decision to leave the decision unchanged), and the complaint was dismissed."

Well, the proposal to go to court if you do not agree.

Why such a decision is made, obviously illegal, is not explained.

Naturally, the question arises, why then in general this service with an appeal against the decisions of MADI?

Further, why then they entered these same QR codes, if you can’t take the number and check - any traffic cop at the traffic police post does this in a few seconds, and they stopped me many times, and it was confirmed many times - the code is valid, you can go.

But it is impossible to appeal the obviously erroneous decision of MADI. So it doesn’t work out that they even send paper with a seal signed by the head of some department D.V. Radchenko. And not only through e-mail, but also in a custom package by regular mail. That is, it cannot be said that people do not work - they work, and, apparently, in a sweat of their face, since such erroneous decisions were issued several hundred thousand in Moscow alone.

That is, for years to come, apparently, Moscow courts will be inundated with cases of illegal fines during quarantine.

What's the point of this? Indeed, no one will transfer money for these fines in good mind and memory - that is, again, the courts will in turn stamp decisions, and the bailiffs will be provided with work to beat out these unjustly charged fines for years to come.

Apparently, the issue of elections in Moscow has been resolved once and for all, if the city authorities can afford so brazenly to spit in the face of hundreds of thousands.

And in general, the ban on moving around the city in personal transport, that is, the safest transport for the time of the epidemic, was frankly stupid, if not to say, a crime! So also they flavored this crime with open mockery of citizens and the law.

It is not necessary to say that a commercial structure, which is not prescribed in the Constitution, performs the functions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and unilaterally imposes fines, which, in addition, cannot even be challenged.

Well, Anatoly Baranov will sue, with the highest possible media coverage of the process. This will not be a trial of MADI, this structure incomprehensible to me, but of the entire system of power in the capital, which transfers its powers to the mercy of whom and cannot do anything to protect the interests of citizens in the face of this “nobody knows”.

Because tomorrow they will completely take away the car from you by a decree of some authority, or they will evict from the apartment for some violation you do not understand. And what? They will open some Moscow housing inspectorate with the status of a closed joint-stock company and accounts abroad, and will be evicted - here, a camera on the street showed that you systematically violate curfew at the entrance and exceed the permissible speed when moving in an elevator. Take out the trash without a mask, gloves and an enema in the ass. Sleep with your wife closer than 1.5 meters according to security cameras.

All, in general, are free...