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Published 14 июля 2020,, 11:53

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To solve the unsolvable: will it be possible this time to provide each family with a separate apartment

To solve the unsolvable: will it be possible this time to provide each family with a separate apartment

14 июля 2020, 11:53
Since 1917, not a one leader of the state has been able to provide all the citizens with more or less acceptable housing.

As you know, yesterday during a meeting of the Council for Strategic Development and National Projects, Putin announced that “we have a historic chance in the foreseeable future, absolutely understandable, perhaps for the first time in Russia's history to radically solve the housing problem. We must not miss this chance. We need to work hard on this...". And Deputy Prime Minister Khusnullin immediately promised that 5 million families could receive housing by 2026...

The media and social networks could not get past such a sensational in its own way, if we recall the whole history of the "housing issue" in the country, news.

Journalist Vasily Alenin was very skeptical of this statement, citing many points that would make this initiative impossible:

“Housing will be the same as with everything else. And besides, the current crook is building housing of such quality in such places that you don’t want to buy it for any money.

But even if you are lucky: in spite of the crisis, there is the right amount, you found and bought an unreleased “secondary”, then in a state with zeroed law you will not receive any real guarantee of rights, including private property.

It is not a fact that after years you will be allowed to sell it altogether, to transfer by inheritance that you will not lose it at the whim of the "state".

That the next "candle" of a window in a window is not stuck in front of your house, from which the cost of housing will fall.

That they do not “solder” such a service tariff that you will have to think about moving.

That such a time will come in the country that your luxurious apartment will not cost anything, as it was, for example, already in the early 90's in the center of some Tashkent or Dushanbe.

What a completely normal house suddenly do not recognize emergency, to evict you. That the local authorities do not organize Sobyaninsky "fucking"...

No "pieces of paper will not be covered up," as Sergei Bordyurych said..."

No less skeptical is the telegram channel Master Pen, who saw in the president’s words a certain lack of understanding:

“According to the president, Russia has a unique historical chance to solve the housing problem for the population. At the same time, a quarter of Russians continue to live without a central sewage system, and even more without hot water supply. To expand and clarify all the contradictions that were voiced today, perhaps, the Economic Recovery Plan, which in fact is, but which is not shown to anyone, could. Something is wrong here, the puzzle does not work out without some important elements that the country does not know about yet. But the main thing is that those who take responsibility be aware ... "

The writer Sergey Besedin recalled the “history of the issue”, it is impressive:

“I remember I heard that when I was a little boy. It seems that from the speech of dear Leonid Ilyich at the 26th Congress or Mikhail Sergeyevich at the 27th, which was no less a dreamer, except that he spoke more fluently. And another term appeared there - 2000.

In general, the housing problem has been solved and solved for more than a hundred years. The first to take on him was Ulyanov-Lenin, and he sounded clear, distinct and, like most of his initiatives, stupid: commissions of 15 people (two sailors, two soldiers, two conscious workers, eight unconscious and one intellectual, touchingly specified Ilyich) had to walk around the apartments, determine the surplus of living space and hook the proletarians to the uninhabited bourgeoisie. I can imagine what a lovely and sophisticated relationship the expropriators and the expropriated had.

Under Stalin, a ban on the free purchase and sale of housing appeared (1925) and the rate per person was reduced from 9 to 5.7 square meters. In reality, in Moscow, for example, there was even less.

And until 1957, until Khrushchev began to build miserable, uncomfortable, small five-story buildings on the model of the German “platenbau”, without a garbage chute and elevator (by the way, it was precisely five floors that arose from the doctors’s recommendations - they decided that climbing higher on foot is dangerous for health), and the proletariat lived on average four squares on the nose, fencing off each other with sheets and makeshift screens.

We will stock up on popcorn and watch the next leader break his teeth on what his predecessors lost their false jaws..."

The poet Bakhyt Keneyev led to the case an excerpt from the Program of the CPSU (1961). By 1980, the following was promised in this area:

Some bloggers reasonably noticed:

“In fat years, when oil stood at $ 100 per barrel or more, it was necessary to solve the issues, to raise the industry, to fight poverty, etc. And then again broke into a song about getting up from the knees..."

And others quoted Soviet jokes about this:

“And by the year 2000, every Soviet person will have his own plane. What for? Well, for example, you live in Chelyabinsk and find out that meat was thrown out in Moscow..."

Let’s add on our own : to solve the housing problem at the expense of citizens who are simply “obligated” to take a 20-25 year mortgage, it is possible, but under ONE condition: citizens must EARN well. Not 300, not 500 dollars a month for a family of four, but once in 5, or even ten more. With a salary of 30-40 thousand rubles, which is today the most common in Russia, no mass housing construction is possible.