Posted 15 июля 2020, 07:00

Published 15 июля 2020, 07:00

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A draft of a bill prohibiting same-sex couples to adopt the children introduced in State Duma

15 июля 2020, 07:00
The State Duma introduced a draft of the amendments to the family law, excluding the possibility of the marriage between people of the same sex. Senator Yelena Mizulina clarified that this also means a ban on the adoption of children for these couples.

- The bill stops the practice of marriage between persons of the same sex, including sex-changing, and respectively, the adoption of children by such couples as well, - RBC quotes Mizulina.

The document implies amendments to article 14 of the Family Code, which defines circumstances that impede marriage. The authors of the amendments believe that the article should contain an indication of the inadmissibility of concluding a bark between “persons of the same sex”.

To date, this article indicates that the same field is an obstacle to marriage. However, another article - the 12th - states that "the conclusion of a marriage requires the mutual voluntary consent of the man and a woman who marry".

Let us recall that Russian President Vladimir Putin during the discussion of the amendments to the Constitution stated that the country will not have the concept of “parent number one” and “parent number two”.

- As for the “parent number one”, “parent number two”, I have already told about it publicly once and will repeat again: while I am the president, we will not have the “parent number one”, there will be a dad and a mom”, - the head of the state said.

Earlier, the State Duma introduced a bill prohibiting the removal of children from the family before the court's decision comes into effect.