Posted 16 июля 2020,, 13:55

Published 16 июля 2020,, 13:55

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A criminal case has been opened on deputy Belova because of her investigation about the maternity capital theft

A criminal case has been opened on deputy Belova because of her investigation about the maternity capital theft

16 июля 2020, 13:55
“Maybe I stepped on the tail of the schemes with the fraud with maternity capital - that is, with embezzlement of the state money?”- asked the deputy of the Torzhok region Marina Belova, in relation to whom a criminal case had recently been opened.

In her opinion, Russia is being swept by a wave of criminal cases against the independent politicians.

“On July 10, to the status of deputy of the Torzhoksky district received thanks to the support of my fellow villagers, I received a new status - the status of the accused under Article 167, part two of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

This is a deliberate destruction or damage to property, committed from hooligan motives by arson, explosion or other generally dangerous method, or resulting in the death of a person or other grave consequences.

The article is quite serious and provides for five years in prison.

Tea is not vodka, five years is not a walker.

This business began a year ago. Just at the time when I was going to the polls. Apparently, it coincided. Maybe.

It was then that the prosecutor’s office received a statement accusing me of demolishing a “solid” apartment, in quotation marks, of an apartment building requiring exclusively redecoration, bought for maternity capital in 2014.

The victim requested that I be prosecuted and that damages be awarded in the amount of 430,000 rubles. These are maternity capital funds that were allocated by the state for the purchase of housing.

The object itself was located in my native village of Galki.

Already in 2014, and even earlier - in 2010, it was a rotten collapsed log house, inside which there was no floor, no walls, no ceiling, no stove.

In fact, these were the remains of an emergency house drowned in thickets of dry grass, which posed a danger to the villagers.

At a minimum - the risk of fire, as a maximum - the crippled lives of children who ran to these ruins secretly from their parents, play war games or hide and seek.

A logical question is brewing: how could one get these ruins on maternity capital?

Where did they look at the Pension Fund?

These questions have yet to be answered. In the meantime, back in the summer of 2019.

The prosecutor’s office, at the request of the mistress of the house, which no one had ever seen in the village, conducted an audit and logically renounced the initiation of a criminal case.

After this refusal, statements from the landlord fell in all possible instances: from the police to the presidential administration.

In the fall of 2019, the case came to the Investigative Committee, which, in turn, conducted an audit under article 330 of the Criminal Code - arbitrariness.

I went through this case as a witness.

By that time, due to the fact that the statute of limitations had passed, the case had to be closed. The procedure is quite simple and is done automatically. My participation in it was not required.

But then another bell rang: the investigator, in spite of everything, very much asked and persuaded me to sign the consent to the closure of the materials in connection with the expired statute of limitations.

Ask: what's the catch? And the fact is that in this situation my innocence will not be proved.

Therefore, this business will become a lifelong “hanging” in my biography.

I'm not interested in just closing a case. It is important for me to prove that the truth is on my side.

I want to return to the issue of maternity capital.

At my first interrogation, the investigator noted that a fraud case would be extracted and transferred to the investigation from this material, because according to the testimonies of all the witnesses, as I said earlier, at the time of purchase, the property was ruins that were unsuitable for life .

When an audit was conducted on this case, the landlord was not the first time able to show where her land and home are.

In addition, the mother so far - and five years have passed since the deal - has not drawn up a share for the children, which she had to do within six months after the purchase.

But the investigator never handed over this material for investigation, and within a month, he sharply changed his attitude to this case.

At that time, I began my test and search for withdrawal schemes for maternity capital.

Now I was already interested in this topic as the chairman of the Standing Commission on Social Policy at the Assembly of Deputies.

I made a request to the Pension Fund, visited the department of architecture of the district administration, which gave an answer to the Pension Fund about the availability and condition of the object.

It turned out that the department’s specialists provided an answer without leaving the place and, accordingly, without inspecting the house.

I found several more similar objects unsuitable for living, bought with maternity capital, in which, of course, no one lives.

I managed to talk with some homeowners. And in this scheme, much has become clear.

On December 10, I set out all my best practices in a statement to the police. Ten days later, on December 20, she received a formal reply: refusal to institute criminal proceedings.

And just five days later, on December 25, a criminal case was opened against me.

Not against me, but against. Already under article 167, part two of the article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Against me, I say that because all the witnesses were initially immediately identified as a suspect, with certain threats and "persuasion" to give confession.

Now my status is the accused.

What happened in those December days? Someone decided to crush me as a deputy or as a potential candidate for the Legislative Assembly of the region? Or, maybe, the matter is about the fast elections to the State Duma? Political order or resentment of the investigator?

Maybe I stepped on the tail of the schemes with fraud with maternity capital - that is, with the theft of the state money?

My defenders, having studied the materials, do not even see closely the grounds for initiating a case under Article 167, Part 2. Even if I had given written instructions for the demolition of this ruin and personally would have sorted it out by log.

Recently, a wave of criminal cases against independent politicians has swept over our country.

But I still believe that common sense will triumph. And that instead of sewing black threads for truth, for trying to make our country a truly comfortable and prosperous place to live, our law enforcement agencies will deal with really important things. Namely: the search for true criminals who are falling apart and pulling our house apart.

Attempts to intimidate me, put pressure on my family and loved ones, and a fabricated criminal case did not stop me. And they won’t stop.

I came into politics to act.

Justice will triumph. Good always triumphs over evil.

And you, comrade investigators, and your children, still have to live in our country.

Maybe you yourself will choose which side you are on?”