Posted 17 июля 2020,, 07:54

Published 17 июля 2020,, 07:54

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Tip of the day for those who are nostalgic for the USSR: cut the newspaper into the equal squares...

Tip of the day for those who are nostalgic for the USSR: cut the newspaper into the equal squares...

17 июля 2020, 07:54
For the millionth time bloggers expose the most enduring myths about a wonderful life in the Soviet Union.

The musician Mikhail Yezhov once again gives an answer in his blog to all the admirers of the USSR, the quantity of whom, alas, is not getting less. This is, of course, connected with the total impoverishment of Russian citizens, aggravated by the pandemic. So they dream about the Soviet "blue cities". And of what kind these cities were Yezhov actually reminds:

"Again. Once again, the "Sovok" (USSR, slang) admirers with the most delicious ice cream and sausage in the world at the price of 2.20 are trying to crack into my feed...

Already tired of explaining.


Here i give some terms for them.

10 simple steps to return to the USSR:

You can now return to the USSR already even now. Hypothetically.

For example:

  1. Come to the store, stand there for an hour and a half and buy 1 kg of bananas, with the understanding that this year you will not see bananas anymore.
  2. Come to the dentist and ask him to cure your tooth on the oldest drill and without anesthesia.
  3. Pay the full price for the car, and come for the car itself in 10 years only.
  4. Ask the plumber to fix the leaking faucet with a rag only.
  5. In winter, at 30 degrees below zero, get up at 6 in the morning and wait an hour outside to buy 3 liters of milk diluted with water.
  6. Buy “Krasnaya Moskva” (Red Moscow) perfume for your wife and get used to this smell, as she will use these perfume for three years, exclusively on holidays.
  7. Cut 16 strips of the newspaper Pravda into the even squares and use it instead of the toilet paper.
  8. Come to Sberbank, stay there for 40 minutes, and only after that pay for utilities.
  9. Visit the nearest state farm for a harvest and collect potatoes there.
  10. Burn your external passport.


In general, these points are enough to return to the USSR. It is not necessary to return the system itself. Follow these points and you will certainly return to the USSR. For those who are nostalgic for the "sovok" (USSR, slang), I constantly propose a theory of small affairs - stop nostalgic. I described the points, albeit a small part. But this is already enough - act!”