Posted 20 июля 2020, 08:19

Published 20 июля 2020, 08:19

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Blacks are incited by Jews. Trump also believed in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

20 июля 2020, 08:19
Donald Trump came to power accusing the Democratic Party of creating a Deep State secretly run by Jewish financiers.

A few years ago, American political analysts introduced the concept of the deep state. This secret institution, a "conspiracy of elites" allegedly started by the ideologues of the US Democratic Party in order to prevent Trump from destroying the completely outdated system of American foreign policy, reviving production on national territory and in the process depriving the Democrats of political influence, which, in turn, will hit hard and by the financiers behind it. To prevent this from happening, deep state mobilizes African Americans to protest, making them a striking force, imposing the notorious political correctness on society.

This conspiracy theory was critically analyzed in his blog by the Russian historian and priest Yakov Krotok:

“Conspiriophobia today is, first of all, Trump, who came to power, accusing the Democratic Party of creating a deep state, a “deep state”. Trump is the son of a racist anti-Semite and a racist anti-Semite himself, only "deep". However, in the book just published by his niece, this depth is very clearly shown. He posed as a "simple guy" opposing not one party, but the entire "establishment", both Republicans and Democrats. But he came to power, clashing with the Democrats. He "saddled" them and constantly distances himself from them, and they dare not argue. The idea of a deep state states that anti-racism is a means to ruin America, the "black icebreaker" against the Titanic, as Andrei Illarionov put it.

Conspirophobia is as old as the world, the "deep state" was invented a long time ago. Its most striking form is the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. But even before this fake was made, Dostoevsky in 1877 published a feuilleton "State within a State" with the Latin subtitle "Statu in statu" - a vulgar anti-Semitic feuilleton.

The Jews, they say, survived without a state only because they created a "state within a state".

“And ruthlessness towards the lower masses, and the fall of the brotherhood, and the exploitation of the rich by the poor - oh, of course, all this was before and always, but - but it was not raised to the level of the highest truth and science, but was condemned by Christianity, and now, on the contrary being elevated to virtue. Therefore, it is not for nothing that Jews reign everywhere on the stock exchanges, it is not for nothing that they move capital, it is not for nothing that they are the rulers of credit and not for nothing, I repeat this, they are the rulers of all international politics, and what will happen next - of course and with the Jews themselves: their kingdom is coming, their complete kingdom!”

By the way, now, due to their illiteracy, they translate into Latin as “imperio in imperio”.

In the tirade of Dostoevsky there is no Christianity that believes that the Jews are God's chosen people. What this election means after the Resurrection of Christ is a separate theological question, but the election remains, the apostle Paul wrote about this. Yes, yes, “in Christ there is neither Greek nor Jew”, but the election remains. Normal, healthy contradiction - as opposed to the consistent paranoia of conspiracy.

It is curious that the Russian Wikipedia in the article “The State in the State” mentions the English “deep state”, but does not provide a link to the corresponding article in the English Wikipedia (and vice versa).

At the same time, the expression "state within a state" can also be a productive metaphor - for example, warning about the excessive powers of the special services. Conspirophobes believe that Gorbachev is a representative of the conspirators who "destroyed the USSR" - and these conspirators are "a state within a state", it is also the "fifth column". The difference is not big: the fifth column is agents of some outside force (historically, the “fifth column” is the conspirators in Madrid, on which four columns of Franco conspirators were moving). But, for example, “bloody gebnya” is not a state within a state, because the Lubyanka is the Russian state, it is absolutely not hidden, and if someone prefers not to see it point-blank, this is an ophthalmological problem, not a political one.

In the United States, of course, there is no "deep state"; there are conspiracy theorists who partly coincide with the Nazis ("white suprematists"), racists.

It is curious that in Israel the trade unions (“Histadrut”) were accused of trying to create a “state within a state”. A wonderful postscript to Dostoevsky's anti-Semitism. Jew Jew suspects conspiracy of Zion wise men. Lust for power creates a dream of reason..."