Posted 20 июля 2020,, 09:04

Published 20 июля 2020,, 09:04

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Dangerous similarity: interest holders noticed that Dom.rf has common features with the developers

Dangerous similarity: interest holders noticed that Dom.rf has common features with the developers

20 июля 2020, 09:04
The deceived co-investors of the Laikovo residential complex risked complaining about the actions, or rather, the inaction of a powerful state structure created to solve their problems - the Dom.rf (House RF) state fund to the Russian Security Council.

NI learned what was wrong with the organization, into which billions of rubles were pumped into to help people.

Oleg Goryunov

The collective appeal to the Security Council of the Russian Federation was signed by 76 people.


Most meetings of the Security Council concern defense policy. In addition, the Security Council addressed issues such as energy security, the information structure, and anti-drug policy.

The list of the main activities of the Security Council does not and has not been a solution to the problems of defrauded equity holders.

Why did they turn to this particular state body?

Обманутые дольщики ЖК "Лайково" стали проводить пикеты у госфонда "Дом.рф"Обманутые дольщики ЖК "Лайково" стали проводить пикеты у госфонда "Дом.рф"
Обманутые дольщики ЖК "Лайково" стали проводить пикеты у госфонда "Дом.рф"

“Yes, we know that the Security Council does not solve such problems, but nevertheless we turned to its permanent members - Patrushev, Matvienko, Volodin and Mishustin. Why? Yes, if only because we believe that the observance of the rights of citizens is a matter of security of the country: deceived equity holders lose their patience, often go out on various actions on the street, and who knows how all this can end? We had one more reason to apply to the Security Council, everything is simple - we have already applied to all other instances, and we couldn’t get apartments before, but now we can’t", - said Inna Orkina, a deceived real estate investor from the Likovo residential complex, in an interview with NI .

"Dom.rf" must save deceived equity holders. Its divisions give loans, pay compensation, and in 2020 the State Duma endowed the fund with the right to dispose of unfinished houses. However...

This is what the Appeal to the Security Council says, quote:

Given the full availability of funds for the completion of our homes by the state, the Fund has taken a position indistinguishable from the runaway leadership of the Urban Group”.

After the bankruptcy of Urban Group in 2018, thousands of Russians found themselves without honestly earned money, money paid for housing and a roof over their heads.

It should be noted that the audit carried out by an independent expert showed a shortage of almost 75 billion rubles in Urban.

Could such a sum alone be stolen and taken abroad by a top manager Urban A. Puchkov wanted?

It turns out that this is so, since the owner of the campaign, A. Dolgin , whose personal accounts, according to the plaintiff’s representatives in the bankruptcy case, transferred money to Urban, feels quite at ease. In 2019, he openly sold his Russian real estate. The defrauded equity holders appealed to the Prosecutor General's Office with a request to determine the degree of his guilt in bankruptcy and to turn part of the money from the sale of property for the completion of houses.

The complaint was redirected to the Odintsovo city prosecutor's office and sunk into oblivion.

Очень долгий долгострой - ЖК "Лайково"Очень долгий долгострой - ЖК "Лайково"
Очень долгий долгострой - ЖК "Лайково"

In whom in this situation can one hope to be cheated twice, and maybe even thrice by people? Of course, the government agency, which is called upon to solve their problems - the state fund "Dom.rf".

А.А.Морозова, ветеран труда, Отличник народного просвещенияА.А.Морозова, ветеран труда, Отличник народного просвещения
А.А.Морозова, ветеран труда, Отличник народного просвещения

Among those pinning great hopes on this organization is 79-year-old Alexandra Alexandrovna Morozova, a former teacher of the German language, who has not been able to move into her apartment for more than 6 years.

Alexandra Aleksandrovna's students now work in embassies and consulates of different countries, and she herself picks mushrooms in the Saratov region - to rent an apartment in Moscow, having only a pension as income, she no longer succeeds, how not to save money, so she moved to the provinces, - it is cheaper to rent a house there, and berries and mushrooms are free.

Александра Морозова с "ужином"Александра Морозова с "ужином"
Александра Морозова с "ужином"

“I am Lyubov Sycheva, a former student of Alexandra Alexandrovna, I’ve been trying to help her get housing for three years. You know, she’s a double-cheated money-holder. First, the campaign owner, Urban Group A. Dolgin, deceived her, and the second time, Vitaly Mutko, personally"

In January 2019, the former teacher "Dom.rf" promised to still give an apartment to Alexandra Morozova. The deal should have looked like this: the apartment she bought in an unfinished house was conditionally changed to an apartment in the house already built by Urban Group. The pensioner was even given a bride of a new and long-awaited housing. The former teacher perked up and immediately received a message that everything was canceled, that she had to wait, like all the apartments in the house, which would SOMETHING be completed with the help of

On May 3 this year, outraged by such an attitude towards the elderly, tothe woman, Lyubov Sycheva wrote a letter to Vitaly Mutko, this is what it says:

“Once again, just some kind of an experiment was carried out, which once again brought moral suffering to AA Morozova, but this time the suffering was brought by the State Company "Dom.rf".

Виталий Мутко, на госслужбе с 1983 года...Виталий Мутко, на госслужбе с 1983 года...
Виталий Мутко, на госслужбе с 1983 года...

What, then, is the current position of the "Dom.rf" on this issue? You, Vitaliy Mutko, refuse your promise that you gave to equity holders last year (see TASS message dated 07/31/19), namely, to introduce a procedure for exchanging apartments for defrauded real estate investors in constructed houses of the same developer?"

The bitter fate of Alexandra Morozova is a kind of "collective" fate of 200 thousand participants in shared construction deceived in Russia, and neither a law nor a government agency has yet been invented that would protect respectable citizens from fraudsters from construction.

What are all the scammers doing?

1. Receive money from people

2. Begin to build and do not finish building

3. Give promises to complete the work

What does the state fund "Dom.rf" do?

1. Receives money from the state

2. Begins to finish building

Пикеты у "Дом.рф" продолжаютсяПикеты у "Дом.рф" продолжаются
Пикеты у "Дом.рф" продолжаются

3. Gives a promise to complete the work

It was these coincidences that made the deceived equity holders of the Likovo residential complex apply to the Russian Security Council with an appeal, quote:

"We earnestly ask you:

- Organize a comprehensive audit by an independent organization of all activities of the Fund, the legality of spending budget funds and the effectiveness of its work;

- To oblige the Ministry of Construction, the "Dom.rf" and the Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Citizens - Participants of Shared Construction, to immediately intensify work on the completion of the facilities of Urban Group of Housing complex Laikovo, ensuring that the schedule approved by the government for issuing keys to equity holders is met.

We reserve the right to organize rallies, pickets, and other protest events permitted by law until our sore point is fully resolved.

The suffering of thousands of deceived equity holders intensifies with each new day of the crisis. Social tension is growing.

We voted in favor of the Amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation in order to live in a new country, and not in a vicious circle of bureaucratic lawlessness.

The world is changing. The country is changing. The officials do not want to change.

Please take all measures to break this vicious system".

According to Inna Orkina, a member of the initiative group of defrauded real estate investors of the Housing complex Laikovo, construction work on the object left by Urban Group is practically not carried out:

Среди обманутых дольщиков есть люди, которые могли бы жестко "проконтролировать" работу ФондаСреди обманутых дольщиков есть люди, которые могли бы жестко "проконтролировать" работу Фонда
Среди обманутых дольщиков есть люди, которые могли бы жестко "проконтролировать" работу Фонда

- Television arrives or we, - work is in full swing. The TV is leaving, we are leaving, the crowd workers get on the buses and leave... In addition, we are assured that more than a thousand builders are constantly working at the facility, and we have never counted more than 700. Is it possible that the construction of objects cannot be organized by the Ministry of Construction, concluding contracts with construction companies that have won the tender? The Fund, in our opinion, has turned into a gasket that swallows up the country's budget like a black hole, with no visible result. The question is : Why do we need the Fund, which has become not the defender, but the main destroyer of the rights of deceived equity holders? Does someone control his work?

Among the defrauded real estate investors there are people who could tightly control the work of the Fund. But among them there are many such as 79-year-old Alexandra Morozova - she definitely needs protection from the state - well, how many "scammers" can scoff at an elderly woman?


The Dom.rf foundation, which promised to complete the construction of the Laikovo residential complex in 2020, on July 16 postponed the completion date for the facility to 2021.