Posted 23 июля 2020,, 17:04

Published 23 июля 2020,, 17:04

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Molotkov instead of Kalina: the head of the capital's education has changed

Molotkov instead of Kalina: the head of the capital's education has changed

23 июля 2020, 17:04
From July 23, the Moscow Department of Education and Science will be headed by Alexander Molotkov. He replaced Isaak Kalina in this post, who headed the capital's education for 10 years.

Irina Mishina

From the decree signed by Sergey Sobyanin, it follows that Alexander Molotkov has been appointed to a new position for the term of office of the mayor.

Alexander Molotkov was born on January 29, 1970 in Kharkov, graduated from the Moscow Civil Engineering Institute named after I. Kuibyshev, Faculty of Industrial and Civil Engineering, and in 1995 - the Moscow School of Securities, also studied at the Moscow Government Management University. He began his career at the construction of residential and social facilities in Moscow and Nizhnevartovsk. Then - a 10-year period of work in the banking sector, in the Federal Fund for Small Business Support. After that, the new Minister of Education of Moscow headed an investment company, implemented projects in the construction and food industries, as well as in book publishing: with his participation, a number of publishing educational projects for children were carried out. In November 2011, Alexander Molotkov was hired by the Moscow Department of Education, where he was engaged in the Capital Education program, as well as in raising the level of financial literacy of the population. For the last 3 years, Molotkov served as deputy head of the Moscow Department of Education.

Thus, the new head of education has never been involved in teaching and teaching.

The fate of the former head of the Moscow metropolitan education, Isaak Kalina, was clarified on his Twitter page by Sergei Sobyanin. He said that the resigned head of the Moscow Department of Education, Isaak Kalina, will work as an advisor to the mayor. “Today I signed a decree on the dismissal of Isaak Iosifovich Kalina from the post of head of the city's education department at his own request. Will continue to work as my advisor, ”the mayor wrote. He added that for almost 10 years of Kalina's work in this position, school education in Moscow "has become one of the best in the world and more accessible for most of the capital's children". Sobyanin thanked Kalina for "selfless work in one of the most important positions in the Moscow government".

Let's remind: in November Isaak Kalina turns 70 years old. Muscovites will remember him for his initiative to unite schools where children with different abilities study. Explaining his idea, Kalina compared children with cucumbers, which, when they get into the same pickle, become equally salty. “If adolescents with antisocial behavior are placed in a good social environment (primarily school), then they will also become worthy students”, - he noted.

It was under Isaak Kalin that the Unified State Exam was introduced in Moscow on a mandatory basis, which still causes a lot of controversy. The "Kalina era" in Moscow education will also be remembered for the introduction of electronic enrollment in kindergartens and schools, the high results of Moscow schoolchildren at all-Russian and international Olympiads, and the creation of an electronic school. Also in the "Kalina era" the directors of Moscow schools turned into a caste of highly paid officials directly subordinate to the Department of Education.

Many parents, not without reason, criticized the food system introduced in Moscow schools in recent years.

The change of the head in the metropolitan education has already become one of the most discussed topics in social networks. From comments on Facebook.

Anna Ponomarenko: "How can a person MANAGE EDUCATION, who DOES NOT HAVE ANY ATTITUDE TO CHILDREN ??? Well, how is this possible? Everyone should do their own thing! How can a builder manage the learning process in schools / kindergartens? It doesn't matter if the accountant starts" first-class "to treat teeth and operate on patients".

Vadim Solovyov: "Is there really no one among Moscow professional teachers who knows the problems of education better than an economist-builder? Or maybe it was worth talking to those who are ready to offer their program?"

Marina Kuzina: "Education is managed by people who have nothing to do with it. What can a civil engineer know and understand about a school? Probably, he will" build "teachers, whom his predecessor has already" lowered "below the plinth. Today, at the Unified State Exam, children were given instructions that were drawn up with a mistake. Here are such illiterate engineers - construction workers - entrepreneurs sit in the Department and manage the capital's education".

Sergei Ovchenkov: "A worthy person for his time, who went through all the stages of formation as a leader. Today, it should be recognized that education and science are business ... Alexander Molotkov corresponds to his position at the stage of commercialization of science and education".

However, heads of educational organizations are not so pessimistic in their forecasts. "I have known Alexander Borisovich Molotkov for several years, he previously supervised the South-West District in the Moscow Department of Education. He is a delicate, intelligent person who treats teachers with respect. I have no doubts that he will cope, especially since the tasks before him he has been working in the Moscow education system for a long time, he is quite immersed in this system, "- said" NI "Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Pedagogy, Academician of the Russian Academy of Education, director of the Center for Education No. 109 Yevgeny Yamburg. To our question about Alexander Molotkov's lack of pedagogical education, Yevgeny Yamburg replied: "He has enough deputies with a pedagogical education. To discuss special issues, he can involve the expert community. He will cope!"

Marina Balueva, the co-chair of the Uchitel interregional trade union, is more cautious in her assessments: “The entire administrative superstructure of the capital's education has long been living off the budget, they don’t need a good education. They lead as if pedagogy doesn’t exist. - it's like changing an awl for soap. Now many are outraged by the fact that the new head of the Department of Education and Science does not have a pedagogical education. Kalina had it, but this decision, which he made, did not become more literate. In recent years, it just went the development of the budget for far-fetched educational projects, many of which have failed. I think that with all the claims to the Unified State Exam, its cancellation would now be disastrous, because it supported at least some form in education. And so - we have long been an imitation of education, " Potemkin villages. "What will happen next? The same as before. Teachers will write reports, master some new technologies, and children will They are left to themselves and their parents, "Marina Balueva believes.