Posted 24 июля 2020,, 17:51

Published 24 июля 2020,, 17:51

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A song from the bad guy "Trump": "We are a wretched bunch of real assholes!"

A song from the bad guy "Trump": "We are a wretched bunch of real assholes!"

24 июля 2020, 17:51
The story of the parody song We are the worst, which was recorded by the popular US group of anonymous singers Founders Sing, makes you once again think about what a subtle thing is a sense of humor. And also demonstrates the intensity of the pre-election emotions in the United States.

Christina Zabirova

Differences in mentality, cultural codes, etc., and so on often do not allow us to fully appreciate someone else's wit, because in order to grasp all the nuances, it is necessary to understand very well what the context of the described situation is. Anyway, everyone has a different sense of humor.

Therefore, what may seem to us very uncomplicated and unpretentious, if not to say stupid, flat and vulgar, is just a bomb for others, collecting tons of likes and multimillion-dollar views. Someone watermelon - someone pig cartilage.

Composition We are the worst, according to the correspondent of "NI" - an excellent example.

On July 20, a group of American anonymous performers Founders Sing, which regularly pleases English-speaking listeners with their parody tracks based on famous hits, whose humorous lyrics have a bright political connotation, posted the song We are the worst on YouTube - on music of the famous composition We are the world (we are the children) by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie.

Here, in brackets, it should be noted that the name of the group Founders Sing refers to the so-called. Founding fathers, who often “perform” parody hits in these videos.

It is believed that there were seven key Founding Fathers: John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington. It turns out that Founders Sing can be translated as "The Founding Fathers Sing."

But back to the song We are the worst ("We are the worst"). The music did not last long.

A day or two after it was uploaded, this video, featuring Donald Trump, his family members and people from the inner circle of the President of the United States, was removed from YouTube due to copyright infringement. After all, the rhymes encroached on the world hit.

“Hello Founders Sing fans! The song We Are the Worst was deleted by the YouTube administration after a claim from the copyright holder of the original song We Are the World. All the spoofs we create are for fair use, just like all of our other videos. We apologize for this situation, this is a complete surprise for us. Stay tuned for our updates!”, - wrote the singers from Founders Sing on their twitter.

Meanwhile, it can be assumed that during the hours that the video with the chorus of bad guys was on the YouTube channel of vociferous anonymous pranksters, thousands of users managed to watch it, because, as the correspondent of "NI" was convinced, other musical parodies of the collective have from 100 thousand to almost 4 million views.


So: the essence of the video We are the worst - the bad guys Trump and Co. are singing about what kind of villains they are - dishonest, selfish, etc.

You involuntarily remember Chukovsky: "I am bloodthirsty, I am merciless, I am an evil robber Barmaley!"

True, our Barmaley did not allow himself any kind of obscenity, and there is enough obscenity in the song.

Once in the text, even the word POTUS is used, which is an abbreviation for President of the United States - i.e. "President of the United States", and Trump's opponents stands for Piece Of Totally Useless Shit, which means, sorry, the following: "useless piece of shit."

In general, the Americans joke and swagger like that, and this video is an example of modern folk art, a kind of frank anti-Trump "folklore" work.

Actually, like all the musical parodies of the Founders Sing collective. Some of them are more successful and witty, some less. Once at a time, as they say, is not necessary.

But the office writes and regularly releases new videos ridiculing Trump and his administration.

The header of the Founders Sing website says:

“We're thrilled to have you here and we hope you enjoy watching, sharing and commenting on our videos! We are just about to release a line of attributes with our symbols, and in addition, releases of our original songs will be released on digital platforms. Until then ... November is just around the corner ... You know what to do! " With love and laughter, Founders Sing.

Let us remind you that the US presidential elections will take place on November 3

Since the song was removed from the Founders Sing channel, you can watch an excerpt of this "clip" on third-party channels, where YouTube censorship has not yet reached. For example, here.

And here is the very text of the song, which some American listeners call nothing other than the "Best video on earth"

Now you yourself can assess the degree of wit of this work.

Donald: I always thrive watching others take the fall In my world I’ll always be number one

Kayleigh: Got no problem lying As long as I can get ahead in life

Kayleigh & Sarah: How low can we crawl?

Stephen: I’m plotting with Don more racist day by day

Ted: We all sold our souls to the NRA

Ivanka: We’re all a part of Dad’s big mob family

Jared: Screw the truth A Saudi’s all I need

Rudy: We are the worst, we are the villains We are the ones who flushed the planet down For all your children

Betsy: The school choice I champion Will trash the poor kids’ lives Go back to classrooms right away There’s no disease

Mike: Oh, I’ll sniff his farts, kiss the Oval Office chair

Mike & Mitch: Doing right don’t mean nothin’ to me

Mitch: Our God is POTUS, integrity is dead

Bill: I’ll break the law to lend him a helping hand

Rush: We are the worst, we are the chickens We are the spineless ones who make the USA So weak and sickened

Roger: Got my commutation despite my heinous crimes Can’t wait to hook up right away With WikiLeaks

Lindsey: When I said he was a race-baiting xenophobe But now I’m on my knees, leading every probe

Kellyanne: Sell, sell, sell, sell his party line Those phony facts that I have spun

Donald Jr.: Taught me that cheating people is fun

All: We are the worst, we are the villains We are the ones who flushed the planet down For all your children Look how rich we’re getting by shining our gaslight Our kind will have a brighter day Not you but me

We are the worst, we are the chickens The spineless ones who make the USA So weak and sickened

Donald: Yes we have forsaken Our country’s heart and soul It’s true we are a wretched bunch Of real assholes!

All: We are the worst (we are the worst) We are the villains (are the villains)

We are the ones who flushed the planet down For all your children (for all your children) Look how rich we’re getting By shining our gaslight Our kind will have a brighter day Not you but me