Posted 24 июля 2020,, 17:39

Published 24 июля 2020,, 17:39

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Germany responds to US sanctions against Nord Stream 2

Germany responds to US sanctions against Nord Stream 2

24 июля 2020, 17:39
Frank Kracht, the burgomaster of the German city of Sassnitz, said that the toughening of US sanctions against Nord Stream 2 violates international law. The United States has no right to interfere in the European economy, especially in such a difficult time of the economic crisis due to the epidemic.

“Europe is a sovereign territory. The United States should not interfere in EU policy, and Europe itself should not allow such interference in the internal economy of the union”, - he said in an interview with RT Deutsch.

The United States imposed sanctions against Nord Stream 2 for the second time on July 15, demanding an immediate halt to the construction of the pipeline. Earlier, the states had already imposed sanctions against this project, then the Swiss company Allseas refused to complete the construction of the gas pipeline. Then Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia itself is in a position to complete the construction of this gas pipeline. Gazprom has less than a hundred kilometers of pipe left to lay. The total investment in the project has reached 10 billion euros.

The head of the State Department, Mike Pompeo, said that with this project, Russia is increasing Europe's dependence on Russian gas. All companies that invest more than a million dollars in the project or participate in the completion of construction will fall under the new US sanctions. The burgomaster of the German city Frank Kracht also falls under the American sanctions, since there are two Russian ships participating in the construction of the gas pipeline in the port of Sassnitz, the newspaper writes.

Kracht added that Germany does not need to be supposedly protected from Russia, the states have always had good economic relations. According to him, in the current difficult conditions, countries should not threaten each other, but sit down at the negotiating table.

Recall that US sanctions are not the only problem that the Russian company faced during the construction of this gas pipeline. Earlier, the EU adopted the Gas Directive, which prohibited Gazprom from using the new gas pipeline at full capacity. Gazprom tried to challenge the possibility of applying this directive to its project. The company asked to recognize Nord Stream 2 as completed, since formally all investments in it have already been made. But European countries did not support such a proposal. At the same time, later Germany released Gazprom from this directive for 20 years.