Posted 27 июля 2020,, 06:51

Published 27 июля 2020,, 06:51

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Germany opposed the return of the G8 with Russia

Germany opposed the return of the G8 with Russia

27 июля 2020, 06:51
Before talking about our country's return to the G8, Russia needs to come to a peaceful settlement of the situation in the southeastern Ukraine and resolve the issue with Crimea. This was stated by German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

"The reason for the exclusion (from the G8) of Russia was the annexation of Crimea and the intervention in eastern Ukraine. Until we have a solution, I do not see any chance for this (restoration of the G8)", - the minister said in an interview for the Rheinische Post.

Maas added that Russia must "do a lot to open the doors again".

“We are working in the Normandy format to resolve eastern Ukraine and implement the Minsk agreements. But we do not forget that Crimea is also part of Ukraine. We cannot accept the fact that in the 21st century the borders in Europe are changed just like that", - said the head of the German department.

Last year, acting US White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said that the Russian president could be invited to the G7 summit, since other world leaders would also be present at the meeting, but whether the G7 would become the G8 was not discussed. In turn, US President Donald Trump said that Russia's participation in the 2020 summit would be beneficial.

Let us recall that the leaders of the seven leading Western countries, gathering at the meeting in the G7 format, in 2019 did not come to a consensus on the restoration of Russia's membership in this club.