Posted 27 июля 2020, 06:39

Published 27 июля 2020, 06:39

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Russia ranked 20th place in terms of gasoline availability among European countries

27 июля 2020, 06:39
Luxembourg took the first place in the ranking of European countries in terms of the availability of gasoline for the population. The Russian Federation took the 20th position with one of the lowest fuel prices. Ukraine was in last place.

The rating was made by RIA Novosti agency. According to analysts' calculations, Luxembourg residents can afford to buy 3.2 thousand liters of gasoline with an average salary. In Norway, an average salary can buy 2.6 thousand liters of fuel. Residents of Austria, Ireland and Great Britain can buy 2.3 thousand liters of gasoline each. Even a thousand liters are not available to Russians for their salary - they can buy 924 liters of gasoline. The availability of gasoline in Ukraine is eight times lower than in Luxembourg - 395 liters per average salary. The compilers of the rating note that despite the fact that Ukrainian gasoline is one of the cheapest, low salaries of citizens do not allow the country to take a higher place in terms of fuel availability.

Russia has settled down on the police between the Czech Republic and Greece. Note that Belarus, Hungary, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria could not bypass the Russian Federation. There, citizens can afford 700 liters of gasoline for an average salary.

It is noted that the most expensive fuel from European countries is in the Netherlands. There, motorists have to pay, in Russian currency, at 125.8 rubles per liter.

Let us recall that in Russia, wholesale prices for gasoline increased by 27.5%.