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The open door policy has led Europe to the burning cathedrals

28 июля 2020, 10:24
It is time for Europe to make a choice, either the aliens will burn down its way of life, or it will learn to defend its borders from the bandits under the guise of poor unfortunate refugees.

A very emotional post dedicated to the migration policy of Europe was published on his blog by publicist and artist Alexander Hotz:

“The Rwandan refugee who set fire to the cathedral in Nantes did not give a damn about European culture and history. The organ and stained-glass windows of the 16-17th centuries are an empty sound for him. He set fire to two organs, a painting by Hippolyte Flandren (a famous French artist of the 19th century, one of the most skillful masters of religious painting, ed.) - and did not frown.

Gopniks in the form of "refugees" come to Europe for the required standard of living, not understanding where this level comes from and with what it is connected.

The gap between savagery and Europe, between degrading countries (including Russia) and the civilized world, where this savagery penetrates, looks more and more dramatic.

Getting to Europe, these people continue to consider women without headscarves easily accessible, continue to dream of Sharia and a criminal article for gays.

What percentage of refugees would not have banned same-sex marriage and criminalized gay French people at the earliest opportunity?

But while these "guests" from the Third World are dreaming of turning to their fullest, they burn historical monuments (Nantes), attack women (Cologne) and ensure the growth of homophobic violence on the streets (Berlin statistics).

And now gangs like "saws" are ready to "exterminate" LGBT people by infiltrating the border.

For example, where do whole Chechen diasporas come from in Europe? How did they get there? Where does the Chechen mafia come from in Europe? Who allowed Kadyrov's wife to open fashion houses and shops in Paris?

This whole policy of open doors and tolerance for wild enclaves ends with burning cathedrals and an increase in crime.

Maybe it's time to send? Every applicant for European citizenship (in my opinion) must sign at the entrance a basic document, a legal obligation, in which he signs the text of the Charter of Human Rights, taking the priority of European standards of living over the "norms" of the Koran or the Bible.

Deny gay marriage, school sexuality, gender equality and women's right to choose their clothes and lifestyle? - So goodbye! You will receive a visa when you respect European values.

Do you want to live in Europe according to the law of deserts and mountains? - goodbye, go to the "brothers" in reason.

Homophobes from Russia? - Goodbye! (Too many Russian scoundrels are comfortable in Europe).

Somehow it's time to choose: either hatred and savagery “set fire to” the European way of life, or Europe will learn to defend its borders from bandit “communities” and the Middle Ages (including the Russian one).

The criminal in Nantes was not smart enough to even cover up the traces of arson...

Details are gradually being clarified. After living in France for several years, the 39-year-old arsonist was denied a residence permit.

And in gratitude for the years of his life in France - he decided to set fire to the cathedral. So was he truly refused hospitality? Imagine that such a person with such an understanding of culture would be given citizenship.

Would it save the cathedral in the future? - not sure.

As for the damage, then Flandren - I will not forgive this bastard.


I have not said anywhere that migrants are the main problem in Europe, this is one of the problems. No problem. I honestly don't understand why people who deny basic human rights get visas so easily? On what basis does Kadyrov's wife get a visa and open a business if the family has blood on their hands? Who needs this domination of refugees who despise women's equality and live according to Sharia law? I will never understand this.

There was simply no occasion to write: the main complaint about the open door policy is the hordes of scoundrels from Russia who have settled comfortably in Europe. Criminals and scoundrels from "wild" Russia, despising European values, are at home there. Only it ends with murders and a "newcomer" (in one case), and in the other - a fire in the cathedral. Disgusting policy of omnivorousness and hospitality for villains. What does xenophobia have to do with it, I don't understand..."

Of course, this ambiguous statement caused a lot of contradictory responses.

For example, Sabirjan Badretdinov supported the author:

“I largely agree with you, Sasha. Deep cultural and civilizational metamorphosis is taking place in the countries of Western Europe. Western culture (the result of the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, the industrial revolution, capitalism, the sexual revolution) collided with the Muslim culture (the result of several centuries of stagnation and preservation in a frozen form of medieval orders and ideas). The result of this was a crisis of self-identification of Europeans, some of whom accept multiculturalism (with or without enthusiasm), while the other part does not accept it (actively or passively). This leads to an exacerbation of internal contradictions, which have already aggravated due to other well-known reasons (globalization, information technology, etc.)

Unfortunately, there is not and cannot be agreement on what to do in such a situation. Some (for example, Thilo Sarazzin, AfD party, etc.) propose a sharp restriction on immigration and the use of draconian measures, while others hope for quick assimilation and integration. One often hears the following thought: the Turks over there assimilated after a couple of generations, the same will happen with the current immigrants from Syria, Iraq, Africa, etc. However, I doubt that it will be so. I well remember Turkish immigrants in the mid - late 1980s, when I had to visit Munich for work. The older generations of Turks spoke German with difficulty and relied heavily on Turkish newspapers, Turkish radio, and later on Turkish television. The youth were almost completely assimilated and the main source of information for them was German television. But both the old and the young knew firmly that their whole future life would be connected with Germany and that there was practically no way to go back. This made them integrate purposefully. The current immigrants do not break ties with their former homeland for a minute. The Internet, satellite TV and smartphones allow you to keep in touch with your homeland 24 hours a day. There is no motivation to integrate into German society, which they often perceive as hostile.

I don't know what to do in this situation. In today's Germany, it is mainly xenophobic and anti-democratic parties who (if given free rein) will not only expel refugees from Africa and the Middle East from the country, but will also dismantle democratic institutions. Meanwhile, the current ideology of BLM is added to the ideology of radical Islam, which in many minds is transformed into racism, into hatred towards Europeans. It is a highly explosive mixture. It is not clear what the Western Europeans should do in this situation..."

 «Святой Клар, исцеляющий слепых» - эта картина сгорела во время пожара  «Святой Клар, исцеляющий слепых» - эта картина сгорела во время пожара
«Святой Клар, исцеляющий слепых» - эта картина сгорела во время пожара
Фото: Ипполит Фландрен

However, Hotz received a lot of critical reviews, moreover, from his readers who live in Europe.

For example, blogger Af Lijus writes:

Please don’t make such far-reaching generalizations. I have been living in Germany (West Berlin) since childhood, this is already for 5 decades at a conscious age... I know a colossal number of immigrants from different countries, and atheists and Christians of different confessions and non-Christians. Maybe I have a university social circle, although I have not been teaching for 19 years ... But you can't make such generalizations based on bright one-time disgusting examples?!

Yes, there are villains, including this Kadyrov. There are lesser rascals. But every time I read this, I think about voters, about deputies and executive officials who, from the pressure of such rhetoric as yours, will one day close the entrance to good people who suffer from persecution in Chechnya or Rwanda! I was at work in early 2000 again in Tehran ... there are a lot of wonderful people. Wonderful, but hiding his orientation, the guy took us around Tehran, showed us the bazaar, took us to Rasht and Isfahan. He is gay, Muslim, and outside the door he can afford to be himself. And he loves his country. But there are bastards in power and duped fools. To whom, as you write, our values are an empty phrase... What if the life of this guy will depend on an official in our consulate who will act the same way, generalizing everything?!

I was in the early 90s at our consulate in Moscow. It was disgusting for me that the consulate workers checked with a 70-year-old couple of German migrants how they dance folk dances ... It was disgusting and humiliating. I was still very young, but I was so indignant in my soul that I had a very unpleasant conversation there and wrote an extremely angry letter to their chiefs. Whether it helped or not, I don't know. But the generalization about the fact that migrants or refugees - everyone does not accept our values - is terrible!!!"

Journalist Dmitry Klein, who also lives in Germany, writes:

Sorry, but you are lumping together completely different things - on emotions, I understand, but this is not necessary to do this way. Kadyrov's wife, refugees, "gopniks" (muggers) - don't do it this way, it's all different.

Yes, there are criminals and savages among the refugees - that is so, yes. But the vast majority of refugees and migrants are embracing a new life, integrating and becoming ordinary law-abiding Europeans. In the 90s, for example, millions of "Russian Germans" came to Germany - and believe me, they were by no means goodies - drugs, robbery, fights, robberies and theft - that is what experience they brought with them, among other things.

But the Germans accepted them - and the overwhelming majority of them now live and work like all other citizens - and their children are already Europeans, live by the same values as everyone else.

And to draw such far-reaching and, frankly, xenophobic and racist, conclusions ("these people", "Show me at least one" native of Rwanda ", etc.) - from one, albeit extremely unpleasant episode - well, sort of too hasty and wrong..."

 «Юноша, сидящий на берегу моря» «Юноша, сидящий на берегу моря»
«Юноша, сидящий на берегу моря»
Фото: Ипполит Фландрен

And perhaps the wisest answer to this question was given by Tatiana Krongauz:

“It is necessary to monitor the observance of our laws (without discounts for“ ethnic characteristics ”). And then there will be no need to indiscriminately restrict entry into the country from any "Sharia-homophobic" states, thereby stepping on the throat of their own liberal values.

There is a criminal code, and it should be the yardstick. Ideally, of course..."