Posted 29 июля 2020,, 09:31

Published 29 июля 2020,, 09:31

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No savings, no pensions! What the new initiative of the Ministry of Finance threatens the Russians with

No savings, no pensions! What the new initiative of the Ministry of Finance threatens the Russians with

29 июля 2020, 09:31
Experts are confident that the transfer of money to the Pension Fund, the origin of which citizens cannot prove, will hit, first of all, not the corrupt officials, but the ordinary Russians.

As you know, the Ministry of Finance has prepared amendments to the civil and budget codes, which propose to transfer to the Pension Fund of Russia funds of citizens, the legality of receipt of which cannot be proved:

“The Ministry of Finance is preparing amendments to Art. 46 and 146 of the Budget Code in terms of clarifying the list of PFR budget revenues. "The Civil Code is now being amended to clarify that, in established cases, not only property can be confiscated, in respect of which evidence has not been presented confirming the acquisition of property for legitimate income, but also monetary funds - in the absence of evidence of the legality of their receipt", they said in the press service. They clarified that amendments to the budget code are needed to synchronize it with the civil one..."

Experts considered this news controversial. So The Bell writes:

“This is potentially a very dangerous initiative that can affect all Russians.

  • The new regulations may come into force in December. It is not clear yet who will check the legality of the origin of the funds, nor what is the minimum amount that is suspicious of the regulatory authorities.
  • Since 2019, the property of corrupt officials has been seized in favor of the FIU, if it was acquired with income, the legality of which has not been confirmed. According to the Prosecutor General's Office, last year the PFR received 21.4 billion rubles under this article.
  • The danger of the bill is that the seizure of income in the FIU may affect not only officials, but also ordinary citizens, as well as business. Russians should be grateful for this

The Constitutional Court, which last year recognized the seizure of property not only from the family, but also from the acquaintances of Interior Ministry Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko as legal.

  • Even when last year the Constitutional Court adopted a resolution on the Zakharchenko case, experts pointed out that it undermined the institution of property in Russia. The draft law of the Ministry of Finance significantly expands the potential for its application..."

The channel "Besposhadniy piarshchik" (Ruthless PR-specialist) writes:

“The government has decided that it is time to put an end to the population's bank deposits in principle. How? Very simple. It intends to expand the anti-corruption legislation under which ordinary officials used to suffer (high officials with their palaces and private jets, as you understand, cannot be touched) to ordinary citizens. According to the bill, which may become law as early as December this year, the state will be able to confiscate the deposits of citizens it considers suspicious.

Since, according to the latest law enforcement practice, all citizens are suspicious by default, it must be assumed that all deposits of all residents of the country will be under threat of withdrawal, because girls, outside the framework of state corporations, the entire labor market lives on gray or black money - thanks to the financial regulator.

Well, how can you determine if your money, according to the legislative novel, is suspicious? Everything is also very simple: if you woke up and there was no money in your accounts, they were suspicious. And they were seized.

Yes, girls, the funny thing is the motive. Do you know what he is? The seized money will allegedly be directed to plugging the largest black hole in the Universe - the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, where, by the way, a star named the Sun will fit in and disappear without a trace, and not that your pitiful labor pennies.

And yes, our generation of active 25-45-year-old workers will have neither pensions, nor now, perhaps, savings.

What to do in connection with this situation, even our artificial intelligence cannot come up with yet..."

Analyst Leonid Davydov is also worried:

“News of dubious income: everyone just said that people are new oil, laughed and joked.

And the Ministry of Finance listened to these jokes and decided: why not? Need to try.

And so that society does not worry, transfer the extracted to the pension fund - there are always great needs.

In general, wait or don't wait.

And God bless you all!"

The Boilernaya channel draws attention to the fact that the new law will greatly complicate the life of Russian officials:

“Under the current legislation, only property is withdrawn in favor of the state if it was acquired with illegal income. Property can be confiscated from any person, not just an official. In a populist measure, funds are withdrawn precisely in favor of the Pension Fund. But there will also be benefits, since fund a hole of about 500 billion rubles.

The Ministry of Finance is faced with the task of filling the budget, and it seeks to demonstrate Stakhanov's pace by any means possible. Officials are arrested every week anyway. None of them can naturally prove the legality of their property and savings. But there is no doubt that the arrests have their own logic, and often with their help they eliminate the apparatus opponents.

The amendment to confiscate funds may aggravate the current situation, when officials are afraid to spend extra money from the budget. Paralysis happened in connection with the increasing number of arrests. The life of the Russian bureaucracy is already full of stress, and the money stuffed into the pockets creates the illusion that this is not in vain..."

Analyst Nikolai Podoskorsky , on the other hand, is concerned about the fate of ordinary citizens:

“Now only property is withdrawn in favor of the state if it was acquired with income, the legality of which has not been confirmed. At the end of last year, the Constitutional Court clarified that it can be confiscated from any person, not only from officials and their family members, who are subject to the law on control over the expenses of civil servants.

At the same time, the Ministry of Finance did not explain how the legality of receiving funds would be checked and what would be the minimum amount that would fall under suspicion. Two weeks ago, Deputy Finance Minister Timur Maksimov assured that the Finance Ministry is not considering the forced use of citizens' savings to finance the budget deficit, which, according to the official, this year "for objective reasons will increase".

Do you think they will start with deputies, officials, security officials and members of their families, who handle billions of unknown origin? Nothing like this! Representatives of the precariat who earn their living themselves and do not ask for help from the state may fall under the distribution. But since their income is often enough only to barely make ends meet (several tens of thousands of rubles a month, and then every other time), they usually do not pay taxes. Calculated per person, this is a penny for the budget, but it is worth multiplying by several tens of millions of people working in the gray zone - and you will already get an impressive figure..."