Posted 29 июля 2020,, 12:58

Published 29 июля 2020,, 12:58

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Personal experience: how a white teacher went to a school for the blacks, and what came out of it

Personal experience: how a white teacher went to a school for the blacks, and what came out of it

29 июля 2020, 12:58
To any complaints of the brave teacher about the disgusting studies and behavior of his students, the African American school leadership invariably answered: "this is their culture, it must be respected ..."

In social networks, the text is gaining frenzied popularity, which is published in the account of the Democratic Party of America on the social network Reddit. These are the revelations of a white teacher teaching in a black school:

“The local city public schools were promoting turn around initiatives (the education model proposed by the Obama administration), and I decided to try my hand. This year has been a disaster from start to finish. The classes were mostly optional. Children kept coming in and out, if they showed up at all. Any attempts to impose any rules were met with the words "Fuck you nigga" (but try saying "nigga" to one of these "unfortunate African Americans"!). And when they appeared, they were noisy and did not perform any tasks. In principle, almost no one wanted to learn. For example, one girl took out her phone, turned on the music, jumped onto the desk and began to dance. I tried to take it off, but I only heard the answer: "Fuck you!" And this same little bitch soon made a speech at the school council about the "institutional forces" that keep black people at the bottom of society! I tried to speak to the director, an African American, Ph.D. And she said what I heard then for a year. “It's just THEIR CULTURE. YOU MUST RESPECT THIS".

The “bucket of crabs” mentality is about them. I have had some good children, but they all recently emigrated from Africa. One boy from Rwanda was admitted to Stanford! Damn it, I was so proud and happy for him. Do you know who was NOT happy? Black advisor college supervisor. He tried to persuade the guy to change his mind and go to fucking Grambling (the least prestigious university for colored people). He suggested that by going to Stanford, he was betraying his community. It is impossible to manage African American teens - there are 40 in each class. So many are not at all due to lack of funding: this school allocates more money for each child than any school for whites. It's just that all budget funds are spent on the purchase and repair of equipment that is barbarously destroyed by children. We gave each of our 850 students a laptop for free. But within a year, I had to buy about 1000 more new computers. Children pawned them in pawnshops or just smashed them for fun. On several occasions, I saw them throw laptops at walls or down stairs, clucking and howling while filming the destruction process for video sites. TI83 calculators were stolen from all teachers. But when you try to take away a valuable thing from a negro, he starts howling and screaming, or just runs away from school. And nothing can be done. The school guard in one voice with the headmistress told me that it was just "THEIR CULTURE".

I don't want to hear the crap about "they can't just think about school while they are poor, hungry and unable to pay rent." Once every two weeks, we distributed food bags to each child in addition to meals in the school cafeteria, which served free breakfasts, lunches and dinners to students and their families. So they pulled the sweets out of the bags and threw away the rest! Hundreds of kilograms of food wasted every month. And I know for a fact that almost all housing in this area is subsidized up to 75 percent. But the biggest problem is violence. Almost all the time there is a fight somewhere in the hallways or in the classroom. The usual punishment for her is about an hour of sitting in an empty classroom. About once a week, teenagers beat a teacher. I often had to fight them. Then, as punishment, they sat alone for an hour and the next day they came as if nothing had happened. When for the first time some kid swung at me, the director demanded to explain how I provoked him...

That it was time to end it, I decided after a group of six of the largest dillholes followed me into the parking lot and, threatening with knives, demanded to give them good grades. I ran to the headmistress. And she said that I HAD to promise them to do it. It’s not good, she said, to destroy the lives of boys with the police protocol. For the first time in my life, I told my boss to fuck off. I transferred to another school, Latin American. I really like it here. There are problems with poverty, but they are good people trying to achieve something in life. Every day I go to work with a smile on my face. And the phrase "THIS IS THEIR CULTURE" will forever remain in my memory. Forgive me, African American gentlemen, but I do not sympathize your matter. You are to blame yourselves for what happened to you!"