Posted 30 июля 2020,, 07:25

Published 30 июля 2020,, 07:25

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Almost 80% of citizens would like to earn additionally or already have a second job

Almost 80% of citizens would like to earn additionally or already have a second job

30 июля 2020, 07:25
79% of Russians have an additional source of the income or would like to find a side work. Most often, Russians choose driver services as a second income.

Such data follow from a survey of the service, the results of which are provided by RIA Novosti.

14% of respondents said that they already have a part-time job, and 65% said they are going to get an additional job in the nearest future. At the same time, every fifth Russian - 21% - admitted that they would not like to do additional work.

14% of respondents indicated that they would not mind working as drivers in order to receive a second income. Slightly less - 13% - admitted that they would choose a courier job, and 12% indicated that in parallel with their main job they could be engaged in tutoring.

8% of respondents would like to become a marketer in addition to the first work$ handymen and builders - 6%; to do repairs of the computers could 4% and 2 % would go to work as waiters.

Choosing the "Other" option, the respondents admitted that they would agree to any remote work, or they would work as accountants, cleaners, translators and manicurists.

32% of respondents expect to increase their income by 30-50%. 22% of study participants hope to receive at least 10-30% extra. 19% of Russians are going to receive more than half of their main income. 24% expect to double their income or more. Only 3% believe that it is enough for them to add less than 10% to their basic income.

Earlier, VTsIOM (the All-Russian public opinion research center) conducted a poll, the results of which showed that over 70% of Russians cannot live with only one salary. Basically, young people aged 25-34 are counting on part-time jobs.

In early 2020, a similar survey was conducted by HeadHunter. According to the study , more than half of the citizens were going to find a part-time job in the next three months.

Today the unemployment rate in the country continues to grow. In June, the value increased to 6.3% from 6.1% in May. Moreover, in the second quarter, the real disposable income of the population fell by 8%.