Posted 3 августа 2020,, 09:22

Published 3 августа 2020,, 09:22

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

In the resort town of Gelendzhik water is given only one and a half hours a day

In the resort town of Gelendzhik water is given only one and a half hours a day

3 августа 2020, 09:22
The country's authorities, calling for the development of domestic tourism, probably do not imagine the real state of the affairs in this area.

Calls to develop domestic tourism, which were especially insistently sounded in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, which actually closed foreign resorts for most Russians, as always crashed about decades of unsolved problems. Journalist Dmitry Butrin reported on his blog about the amazing situation in the popular Black Sea resort of Gelendzhik:

“Hell's post - for the information of the citizens of the vacationers.

The water supply schedule in the resort town of Gelendzhik, introduced in early July due to a severe drought, was reduced to a one-time water supply for one and a half hours a day. This was reported in the Instagram of the Gelendzhik Water Supply Concession.

In general, tourism was not very good this year..."

And this is in the 21st century! And this is in a country that spends wild money on supersonic missiles no one needs! From the comments to this post, you can find out that this problem is old for Gelendzhik.

- My childhood memories of a vacation in Gelendzhik with relatives: once a day, when the water is turned on, do not forget to take a full bath. It turns out nothing has changed.

- I remember, I rested there for the last time somewhere in 1978 and then there were also constant interruptions in water. Since then, not a foot there.

- In reality, yesterday they gave water only for 15 minutes, today they did not give it at all

- You can imagine what unsanitary conditions there! And how many holidaymakers can get infected with COVID-19! And not only vacationers!


In such a situation, the only thing left is to joke:

- Gelendzhik in the mainstream: dry tourism with life hacks (multiple perspiration, ablution with pebbles, etc.)

- In the future, we will start water from the Kama and Siberian rivers through pipes to the European part of the country (especially to the south), to the middle and lower Volga regions and to the south of the Urals.


Fortunately, not all holidaymakers in the Krasnodar Territory suffer:

- Three weeks of rest in a sanatorium on the Black Sea between Gelendzhik and Tuapse. And not a single cut-off of water. Even during those July storms, there were no problems. The sanatorium's backup generator quickly resolved the electricity problem following a substation failure. So ... Maybe we just got lucky. But I have no complaints about the rest on the Black Sea, where I found myself for the first time in 20-25 years.