Posted 3 августа 2020,, 08:24

Published 3 августа 2020,, 08:24

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Leonid Roshal: "A pandemic is a rehearsal of the biological warfare"

Leonid Roshal: "A pandemic is a rehearsal of the biological warfare"

3 августа 2020, 08:24
The President of the Research Institute of Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology, Doctor of Medical Sciences Leonid Roshal called the situation caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus a rehearsal of the biological warfare. He believes that not all countries were ready for the emergence of a new infection.

Leonid Roshal told about this in an interview for the Forbes.

He pointed out that everyone in Russia, including the president, has joined in countering the spread of coronavirus infection.

- The virus knows no boundaries. It is impossible to predict the extent of the epidemic. And people behave differently in different countries, despite all the restrictions, - said Roshal.

He recalled that in Russia there were cases when doctors brought the virus from abroad. They, according to the doctor, "could and refrain from travel".

- When I analyze the current situation, I understand that this is a rehearsal of biological warfare. I am not saying that this virus was created by man: there is not sufficient evidence for such statements, and besides, I am not a virologist. But this is a test of the health system for strength, including the biological defense of the country, - said the doctor of medical sciences.

According to him, the biosecurity system in the USSR was at the highest level - the PRC's biosecurity system was built on the same system. Roshal pointed out that modern Russia has "partially lost" this system.

He pointed out that the effectiveness of medicine can be assessed by “how the system of isolation of patients works, what is the number of medical personnel, including anesthesiologists-resuscitators and other specialists, what is the provision of equipment”.

He explained how they managed to achieve relatively low mortality rates in the Russian Federation.

- For the spread of the epidemic, population density is also critical. Russia is, of course, lucky in this regard: the highest population density is only in Moscow and the Moscow Region. In general, the area of Russia is huge. The number of deaths from coronavirus in our country is also low. This was largely achieved thanks to the timely introduction of a cordon sanitaire system, the introduction of restrictions on entry into the country and internal control measures, said Leonid Roshal.

Let us recall that earlier he advocated the abolition of restrictions, indicating that it is impossible to live forever in a state of quarantine.

To date, the country has recorded 850,870 cases of COVID-19. 650,173 people have recovered. 14,128 patients died. Almost 29 million tests have been carried out throughout Russia.

Moscow remains the leader in terms of the number of cases detected. In the capital, 242,713 cases of covid have been confirmed.