Posted 3 августа 2020,, 12:26

Published 3 августа 2020,, 12:26

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Politics above health: rushing to vaccinate Russian citizens is very dangerous

Politics above health: rushing to vaccinate Russian citizens is very dangerous

3 августа 2020, 12:26
Russian officials and pharmacists who are in a hurry to claim priority in the manufacture of a vaccine against coronavirus should bear sufficient material and personal responsibility if any of the vaccinated is harmed by the vaccine.

Novye Izvestia has devoted more than one material to this topic, but we have to state that the officials are not going to calm down. Last weekend, another extremely controversial news came: the Novosibirsk Scientific Center Vector will begin mass production of a vaccine against coronavirus in November 2020. Moreover, Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said that Russian citizens will be vaccinated free of charge from the budget. Completed clinical trials and another vaccine, which was developed by the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology. Probably, her vaccination will begin even earlier - in October 2020.

At the same time, it is known that such a hasty production of a vaccine threatens with very serious consequences. According to all world standards, such drugs are brought to mind in no less than a year. That is why experts, including foreign ones, sound the alarm when they hear about the grandiose plans of Russian officials. Here is what the expert of the medical channel NeMinzdrav writes:

“I am not against vaccinations. On the contrary, I constantly argue with my smart patients and, especially, young mothers about anti-vaccines. But, I am against the use of the COVID vaccine, which is so rapidly appearing in our lives, and which is being developed against all the classic accepted rules of development and clinical research.

Let's give the most primitive arguments so as not to delve into the basics of virology and immunology:

The number of people studied in Russia is insignificant. By the way, Pfizer and Moderna have 30 thousand volunteers in each clinical study. What can we say about our 50 volunteers, and even volunteers?!

Clinical trials in foreign companies are conducted differently. Cohorts of volunteers are created, some are given a vaccine, others a placebo (or other known vaccine). With us, there was no talk of using placebo at all;

Any vaccine must be safe for the reproductive function of a woman, and not only of a woman, but also of her future offspring. Something I have never seen similar materials about our vaccine;

The most important and sad moment. Initially, there will not be enough doses for everyone, so it was announced that the vaccine will be provided to risk groups - these are people with chronic diseases, older people and those who, due to their professional activities, may be in contact with the infection (doctors, teachers). Which, of course, is also confusing. After all, if the effectiveness and safety have not actually been investigated, then how can you endanger people who are already at risk?

And now it turns out that on the basis of the research of several dozen (!) People (among them, mostly military personnel), we entrust the health and future of generations..."


A logical explanation for such a rush of Russian officials is given by the author of the telegram channel Master Pera:

“The vaccine, with which Russian scientists and officials are in such a hurry, is to a large extent, of course, no panacea for the coronavirus, but an instrument of big politics and psychological support of the population. The championship in the vaccine against COVID-19 should be a revenge for the past unsuccessful attempts of domestic scientific developments of this kind, and most importantly, for the failure with the Ebola virus vaccine, the readiness of which was announced in February 2016 by the President himself, but the international scientific community and WHO did not recognize the drug is effective and able to withstand the epidemic. Today's breakthrough in such a paramount area as the fight against coronavirus would also close past failures and strengthen the authority of the Russian government, and would become a trump card, including on the front of countering external sanctions. For domestic use, such a political vaccine could be an equally important stabilizing factor in order to calm a country that has fallen into anxiety and disorientation against the background of the persistent covid threat. It has long been known that the effectiveness of a particular drug in the event of its massive use in emergency circumstances depends primarily not on the quality of the drug, but on the belief in it of the vaccinated masses. Therefore, the main task of the upcoming vaccination will be the technology of promoting the drug in order to convince both the internal and, if possible, the external audience that the new Russian vaccine is indeed the product that can be put on a par with the first satellite and with the ballet, that is an outstanding scientific and humanitarian achievement..."


Network analyst Anatoly Nesmiyan fully agrees with him:

“As a great victory, statements are being made about the creation in Russia of a vaccine against the harmful coronavirus, and it is especially noted that it was created and tested in record time, even in comparison with other countries.

The haste has, of course, a purely political overtones. There is too much evidence of savagery and degradation for the authorities not to be concerned with at least some reason for pride. Putin's iron toys are no longer impressive - apart from cartoons and prototypes of an unknown degree of finishing touches, they all ended in a grandiose puff. And some - and quite obvious victims, like super-submarine units capable of sweeping entire coasts off the face of the earth. In any case, this is what the president, who has a bit of a roof on this topic, asserted to us. The vaccine should, in the opinion of the Kremlin, slightly cheer up the depressed deep-seated people and instill in them unprecedented pride for it is not clear why.

True, the haste with which to do what should be introduced into the body raises well-founded fears. And when you consider that the normal production time for vaccines is significantly longer, then the fears become even more tangible. At one time, Russia had already announced quite loudly about the creation of a vaccine against the Ebola virus, but the topic quickly disappeared, since the miracle cure was found to be at least ineffective. There, by the way, the main argument was also the non-standard terms during which the vaccine was produced.

Of course, everything can be imagined as the intrigues of competitors and envious people. But so far no one has expressed their readiness to purchase the Russian vaccine. Our propaganda, however, assures the opposite, but the list of applicants stubbornly does not lead. But the opposite examples already exist. The Daily Telegraph reports that "...British health experts believe that the United Kingdom most likely will not use the Russian vaccine against COVID-19, which, according to Moscow, will be used for mass vaccination of Russians in October, writes The Daily Telegraph. According to the newspaper, experts are confused by the lack of data on how the Russian drug was tested..."

Let the word "confuse" not bother anyone. This is such a diplomatic twisting of a finger at the temple. Quite fair, by the way. If the details of the tests are unknown, then the gentlemen do not really want to take their word for it. You never know that they swear by their mother. The Patriarch also said the other day that the hierarchy is as poor as a church rat, and all the talk about his wealth is slander and slander. Then he pulled up his golden robe, glanced at the white gold watch and dashed off into the distance in a Maybach. And I want to believe, but it doesn't work. What do you want from the British, especially if their questions are quite reasonable?

With the vaccine, the story is dark, but it will likely end as usual. They will experiment on the domestic consumer, and for a picture of world success, some fraternal African countries will be shown, where troops will land and a dozen residents of a distant village in the jungle will inject on camera. Who does not feel sorry for the local king. Who will have to pay a little extra for shooting this blockbuster..."


And politician Alexei Melnikov, for his part, is confident that our country is on the verge of a new crime by the authorities:

“That is, the tests of the vaccine have not yet been completed, its safety and effectiveness in a large number of subjects has not yet been proven, but they are already going to shove it into people. In addition, as far as I understand, there is no publication of the results of the tests already carried out in serious world scientific journals, and the evaluation of the results by a science independent of Putin's court doctors and virologists.

By the way, how, according to Murashko, should the vaccination of doctors and teachers take place? Forced? Who and what, in this case, will be held liable if the health of any of the vaccinated persons is damaged? Will they report that casualties happen? What are these isolated cases? How will the damage be determined? What guarantees? And in general, how do the authorities intend to answer, if even with the voluntary consumption of their next "wunderwaffen", someone will suffer.

The answer is known in advance - no way. Relatives of the victims will go to prosecutors and courts for years. Where they will be impudently informed that the damage has not been proven, the patient died from "other diseases", etc. At the beginning of the epidemic, the Russian authorities also brazenly announced that they died from covid that they had many other diseases. And none of those guilty of this meanness was expelled from the civil service.

Probably everyone who follows the development of anticoid vaccines in the world understands that Putin and his subordinates set the task - to show the world another soap bubble - we are the first in the creation of a vaccine. And safety, efficiency are secondary. Against the background of grandiose failures in everything, the bosses need to "beat Mika's bucks" in some way.

Therefore, at any cost - just to become "the first". Another "ku-ka-re-ku", as with Putin's flight in 2019 to the moon and Mars.

But if so, the first people to test the vaccine on are the officials making the claims. Putin himself, Golikova, Murashko, members of their families, as well as a financier close to Putin, Dmitriev, who decided to engage in the propaganda of another "wunderwaffe" ("were surprised when they heard Sputnik's beeping. It's the same with this vaccine. Russia will have got there first"). So to stick a syringe with this "companion" to pioneer Dmitriev as soon as possible, so that he can hear how he beeps back in his head.

The reasonable way is different.

First, the evaluation of the Russian vaccines made by the scientific community independent of the authorities, which involves the publication of the test results in world scientific journals. Secondly, testing on a large number of people (at least several tens of thousands).

When all this is done, there will be convincing evidence that the Russian anticoid vaccine is safe, effective, has passed all the tests - then we can talk about its launch into production. And you shouldn't chase the world championship. This is not the case. It will take six months to work out - let it be six months. Year - let it be a year. Someone will do it earlier - we will purchase, organize joint production. At the same time, manufacturers and authorities must bear sufficient material and personal responsibility if any of the vaccinated will suffer damage from the use of the vaccine..."