Posted 3 августа 2020,, 08:30

Published 3 августа 2020,, 08:30

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

The majority of large Russian companies were left without state tax management

The majority of large Russian companies were left without state tax management

3 августа 2020, 08:30
62% of large business representatives were unable to take advantage of tax measures of the state support, except for the postponement of the reporting deadline due to non-compliance with the criteria. Only 2% of companies took advantage of the tax holidays.

KPMG company's research "Anti-Crisis Measures 2020: Tax Aspects", the results of which are provided by RBC, showed that inclusion in the list of strategic companies did not guarantee access to tax preferences. Many of the representatives of big business did not ask for help because the procedure itself turned out to be quite complicated, and it turned out that companies must meet additional parameters in order to qualify for state support. For example, they need to provide data on the ultimate beneficiaries and share trade secrets.

Those who managed to get preferences most often took advantage of the reduction in insurance premium rates - 18% of those surveyed. 5% of companies paid advance income tax payments based on actual profits and received preferential loans for salary payments. 2% took advantage of the tax holidays, and 11% of respondents still expect to be included in the list of affected industries.

At the same time, 97% of those who did not receive support expect a decrease in income. 90% believe that the anti-crisis measures proposed by the state are insufficient.

Note that over 60 companies took part in the survey. 65% of them have more than a thousand employees, 42% are strategic, and 76% are not included in the list of the most affected industries.

Let us recall that the overwhelming majority of small businesses in the country now need state support. According to various estimates, more than half of all small businesses can be closed in Russia without government assistance. More than half of the representatives of small and medium-sized businesses called their situation catastrophic. Only 6.6% are satisfied with government support.

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, meanwhile, called the measures taken to support the economy "unprecedented".