Posted 3 августа 2020,, 13:23

Published 3 августа 2020,, 13:23

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

The question of the day is for Senator Klintsevich: will you turn off the sewage system after Facebook?

The question of the day is for Senator Klintsevich: will you turn off the sewage system after Facebook?

3 августа 2020, 13:23
Senator Franz Klintsevich announced the urgent need to block the social networks that coordinate the protests.

Senator Franz Klintsevich, notorious for his inadequate remarks, demanded to "promptly" block the social network Facebook, in which, according to his information, the organizers and participants of multi-day protests in Khabarovsk and other cities of the Russian province are coordinating, reports Nation News:

“I believe that power should be applied and those who are responsible for it and who are the owners should be specifically put in place, because this is interference in the internal affairs of Russia and this is a destabilization of the situation in the country. We have been saying for a long time that the law needs to be toughened up. But even the law that we have today, if we apply it, from law enforcement agencies to the relevant structures - it is quite enough to restrict all these things, to the extent of blocking its effect on the territory of Russia. Well, if they are engaged in deliberately undermining the situation in the country, how can you talk to them except for the letter of the law. It must be turned off, limited, and all this must be done through the courts, and promptly..."

The head of the Fund for the Protection of National Values, Alexander Malkevich, also called the calls for participation in unauthorized rallies as foreign interference in the internal affairs of Russia. Unless, unlike Klintsevich, he did not require blocking social networks, but said that sanctions should be imposed on Facebook: high fines, restriction of advertising income for violators of the law, and other measures.

Sooner or later, this will happen in Russia, in any case, the authorities have long been preparing the introduction of a "sovereign Internet" in the country on the Chinese model, but this is unlikely to greatly help curb the protest movement. If only because Russia is not China, Russian citizens will always find a loophole in the legislation, this is almost the main national feature of Russians.

Publicist Ilya Vaytsman commented on the senator's words:

“Still, I can't get enough of the high level of alternative giftedness our“ senators ”demonstrate. (yes) For example, Comrade Political Politician Klintsevich is convinced that in order to treat the cholera epidemic it is necessary to block the sewage system - after all, then people will have to refrain from diarrhea. Is it logical? Well, yes - from the point of view of "senator" Klintsevich ...

At the same time, note that the "senator" considers the people of Russia as an enemy, believing that the enemy needs to break the connection in order to facilitate his defeat by the forces of punitive forces. That also quite characterizes "legislative power", please note.

P.S. Telegram has already been blocked, yeah. However, what am I talking about? They are all there..."

Weizmann's readers developed the theme:

- By the way, I agree with him, as long as the protest sewers are on the network, no one will go into the street en masse!

- Right! It is necessary to chop off the Internet cable entering the country from the hated foreign land with an ax and print exclusively the newspaper Pravda, which should be read in every home...

“Blocking the sewer is nothing. It would be nice if they don't start thrusting spruce cones into the population. As for Facebook, this is not a telegram, it will "negotiate". Zuckerberg is a man with the pink glasses, unlike Durov, who, for the obvious reasons, understood who are he was dealing with...