Posted 4 августа 2020,, 07:15

Published 4 августа 2020,, 07:15

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Andrey Karaulov: “We have held our voting - the results have shocked us!”

Andrey Karaulov: “We have held our voting - the results have shocked us!”

4 августа 2020, 07:15
At the midnight, last Friday, the voting to express confidence or distrust to the Russian authorities started on the YouTube channel of the famous journalist Andrey Karaulov. It lasted, in fact, two days.

"...We must not move the beds, but we've to change the girls", - noted Andrey Karaulov, summing up the results of this "project", unprecedented for the domestic media.

"To be honest, the numbers stunned me.

We stopped counting at 21:00 on Sunday.

98% of the 2 million 244 thousand 147 citizens of Russia who took part in the vote to express their attitude to the authorities - not to the authorities, but to all the authorities in the Russian Federation - expressed their distrust.

And only 2% said: “We trust” - the president, governors, officials...

Two percent!

We, journalists, need to concretely show our people not just the truth, but such a truth, in which one cannot but believe and in which each of us participates. Such as voting.

I agree with many comments on the Internet that we, journalists, having invited the country to vote on such a simple question - do we all trust our authorities or do not trust, how would they remove - from them, from the powerful of this world - the monopoly on "digital" ...

Earlier only they counted the votes - the Central Election Commission.

And now we are counting with you. Parallel.

And we are not observers in this process - observers can be deceived. We are participants.

Each vote - "for" or "against", each arrow in the direction of the Kremlin flew from a specific phone number belonging to a specific person.

There is no need to be afraid of any reprisals. There will be no repression in a country where, in spite of a variety of amendments, one article is still not touched - an article on freedom of speech.

But how simple it all turned out after all! After all, almost everyone has a phone and almost every phone has the Internet. You just need to go out and press a button - and that's it.

The network sees everything.

How, I suppose, as a journalist, not a scientist, is a public opinion poll constructed? Is it VTsIOM, Levada Center - a thousand people are taken, for example, by phone, and they are asked a question.

And according to the figures given by this thousand in different regions of Russia, a certain portrait of public opinion is being compiled.

When I, three months ago, offered the head of VTsIOM - in my opinion, Fyodorov is his last name (Valery Valeryevich Fyodorov, general director of the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion - note "NI") - to comment on the president's rating and something else - he said, that "I have not performed with you and do not plan."

Has every right. The position is clear: we are with the Kremlin, we have our own arithmetic.

And we have our own.

Yes, all this is for you and me, first of all. We do not want, my dear viewers, agree with me, to live in an unfamiliar country.

And, as I promised, I will send the results of this vote to the President today.

Here is the opinion of 2 million 244 thousand 147 people.

Putin on the table.

What struck me the most ... I spoke to many people about this on the phone today. Including those close to the president, I will not hide.

So: 98% and 2% - this figure lasted, starting at about 1 am on Saturday, and until the last.

It hasn't changed.

There were no 97% and 3%, or 96% and 4%, or 95% and 5%, as many believed.

Not. Stable: 2% in favor.

One friend wrote to me, I voted “for”, because my son is an official, how could I otherwise. So I apologized ...

Does all this mean that Putin is losing the country, but they, our bosses, do not understand and see this themselves?

98% are against. This honesty is overwhelming.

No one has ever done anything like this. We are first.

My dear viewers, we have every right to be proud of ourselves.

We are the first to do and show it. Everyone. If you don't believe it, check the wiring of each vote. How not to believe? This is the internet. You can't cheat here.

I am amazed.

... I am amazed also by another: all our bosses, I suppose, will still pretend that we did not have this popular vote on the channel, that we do not exist, that nothing is happening, neither in Khabarovsk, nor throughout the country, nor in the Internet.

2% are, I suppose, the officials themselves, and 98% are the people. That is, we are with you.

Nothing result?

They have something to think about.

And you and I can congratulate ourselves. We are the people. We are a kind of unity.

And the number of people who want to be close to the truth, to be in this very truth, to exist, not to lie to themselves, not to mislead, for the sake of their own future, for the sake of their own children and grandchildren - it is multiplying.

I was struck by this vote. Nobody has thought of conducting it before, although it is so simple.

And secondly ... 98%! It's not even 95%...

Vladimir Vladimirovich, it is high time to make some conclusions. Each appointment is worse than the previous one...

There was a wonderful anecdote. When in a brothel - yes, Vladimir Vladimirovich, in a brothel - things are getting worse, you don't need to move the beds, but you need change the girls".

Lev Gudkov, sociologist, director of the Levada Center, gave the following comment to Andrey Karaulov 's YouTube channel about the voting:

“Of course, the figure is impressive. If two million have spoken out against the authorities, this is a very powerful signal for the authorities.

But, of course, it is clear who voted. Those who wanted to express their disagreement and their negative attitude towards the authorities. To all, really.

When we talk about power, of course, we mean, first of all, the federal power, the president, the government, the council, law enforcement agencies, but also the regional and local authorities. The entire vertical.

Who are these people? If you look from our experience, these are the youngest, educated, residents of large cities. That is, a very active part of the population, which, according to our surveys, demonstrates a sharply negative assessment of the entire vertical of the current government.

Therefore, it is a very important symptom for the entire population. About 25 - 30% have a negative attitude to the authorities, if we take different degrees of intensity. So your vote - it shows the edge of this dissatisfaction with the government".