Posted 4 августа 2020,, 07:03

Published 4 августа 2020,, 07:03

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

In 2020 the vaccine against coronavirus will not be available for the children

In 2020 the vaccine against coronavirus will not be available for the children

4 августа 2020, 07:03
The vaccine against the new coronavirus infection will not yet be available for the children, since the drug must first undergo a full cycle of the trials in adults.

RIA Novosti was informed about this by the director of the National Research Center named after N. F. Gamaleya Alexander Gintsburg.

- I really hope that the vaccine will be suitable for the children, but according to Russian legislation, you can test the vaccine on children and offer a new drug only when it has passed the full cycle of testing on the adults, so when the third phase of testing is over, we will then be allowed to study 18-, - said Gintsburg.

Vadim Tarasov, director of the Institute of Translational Medicine and Biotechnology at Sechenov University, explained that before starting the use of the vaccine in children, an additional stage of preclinical testing on immature animals is usually carried out. After that, only a decision can be made on the use of the drug for underage patients.

“It’s too early to talk about the use of the vaccine in children, but they are not a risk group either, they are easier to tolerate the disease”, - said Tarasov.

Note that academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, virologist Vitaly Zverev warned against too hasty introduction of the vaccine into production. In his opinion, "there can be no question of vaccination" until "absolutely accurate data are obtained that the vaccine is effective and safe".

It should be said that there is a real race for the finished vaccine in the world - among manufacturers. Dozens of laboratories announced an almost finished drug, breakthroughs in the development and availability of a future vaccine. Now the competition has revolved around the availability of a drug that has not yet been put into production.

In the United States, they named the approximate cost of a vaccination course - $ 50-60, which is about 4 thousand rubles. This is almost ten times more expensive than the British drug.

It is noteworthy that the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca said it was not going to profit from the coronavirus and profit from the sale of the covid vaccine.

The American Pfizer and the German BioNTtech have set prices for their drugs at around $ 19.5 per unit.

According to Nikolay Bespalov, Development Director of the analytical company RNC Pharma, in Russia the drug can cost about 150-200 rubles per dose.