Posted 5 августа 2020,, 20:43

Published 5 августа 2020,, 20:43

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Yefremov and the reptilians: the "expert" told who and how actually set up the accident

Yefremov and the reptilians: the "expert" told who and how actually set up the accident

5 августа 2020, 20:43
A former human rights activist and now a popular blogger posted on her channel details of a personal investigation of the "Yefremov's case".

Money can be earned in different ways, for example, in the same way as the former human rights activist Yelena Vasilyeva, who writes bizarre versions of various high-profile events on her blog. And very successful, since her channel has more than 80 thousand subscribers! For example, she conducted her own "investigation" of a car accident in which the artist Mikhail Yefremov crashed his car into another, the driver of which was killed. Vasilieva dedicated almost a dozen stories to Yefremov, but in the final remainder this is such a mind-blowing version, which was briefly outlined by the blogger Igor Shovikov:

“While the bar was preparing Yefremov to the desired ALMOST no condition, someone climbed into Yefremov's car and, so that he could not be seen, lay down on the floor by the rear seats. As soon as Yefremov left the bar and sat in the driver's seat, they threw a stranglehold on him from behind for better hold and put an ether rag to his nose and put him into a complete blackout. Then INSIDE THE CAR, they dragged him into the back seat and injected a special drug to continue the blackout UNTIL ANTIDOTE was injected.

And off we go.

Along the way, this criminal group, which had completed its part of the special operation, could already leave the car and give up the driver's seat to a sat down stuntman, dressed in special protection for an accident at that intended turn. After the accident, a group of knowledgeable people who were waiting for this and immediately ran up ("sportloto", a cleaning group, or jumpers - according to the designation of the investigator Yelena Vasilyeva, helped her accomplice to leave the driver's seat, the stuntman (who, right in his own helmet, could already remain here and start posing as just Also, the same group introduced an antidote to Mikhail Yefremov, who was sitting out in the back seat, and pulling him out of the back seat began to examine and wipe possible bio-traces of the stuntman (you never know - it dripped somewhere from scratches...)

But it is quite possible that Yefremov was brought even from the opposite side of the traffic in a separate car and, having made an antidote, dropped off (pushed out) in the area of the accident (handed over to the group of the bouncing boy) for presentation to the police.

When the antidote brought Yefremov from nothing to a "normally-semi-conscious" state, he ALREADY BELIEVED THAT THE GROUP OF COUNTER WITNESSES IMPOSED ONE TO HIM, - THAT IT'S TYPE HE HAS DONE...

Why Zakharov died IN THE HOSPITAL, being brought there in a not so critical condition, is a separate topic of the investigation..."

Who needed to do this and why? - Vasilyeva also has an answer to this question, which, of course, her admirers will heartily believe, and will even pay her money for it.

We live in a glorious time, comrades! Any nonsense is replicated, while the circulation of books has shrunk from millions to hundreds of copies.