Posted 6 августа 2020,, 06:56

Published 6 августа 2020,, 06:56

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US State Department released a report on "Russian disinformation and propaganda"

US State Department released a report on "Russian disinformation and propaganda"

6 августа 2020, 06:56
The Center for Global Engagement of the US Department of State has published a report "The Pillars of the Russian Ecosystem of Disinformation and Propaganda". The US authorities called the publication of the document an attempt to stifle Russia's proposals to resume cooperation.

The report says Russia is the leading threat in terms of disinformation and propaganda. Among the five pillars of Russian propaganda, according to the American authorities, are official government communications (the Kremlin, the Foreign Ministry, official government social media accounts), state-funded international broadcasting (state-owned media targeting domestic and foreign audiences and international socio-cultural institutions), development proxy resources (language centers, dissemination of narrative information), the use of social networks as a weapon, disinformation in the cyber space.

The report describes how these “five pillars” work in a coordinated manner to create a multiplier media effect.

“While Russian disinformation is a threat, it does not go unnoticed. The US government, the governments of our allies and partners will not sit idly by while Russian abuses of modern forms of communication Center will continue to expose the misinformation emanating, as we see, from Russia and other malicious entities, - it said in a statement the Department of State.

In order to fight "Russian disinformation", US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo requested twice as much for next year's budget.

The Russian Embassy in the United States responded to the publication of the report. According to diplomats, the publication is designed to divert attention from the official proposals of the Russian Federation to resume cooperation in key areas.

- The mentioned report is an attempt to drown out the official Russian proposals for the resumption of cooperation in key areas on which the security of the whole world depends, - the Russian Embassy said .

Russian diplomats are confident that the State Department does not like the existence of alternative sources of information, and "serious resources are being used to discredit them".

- Any voice that contradicts Washington is declared disinformation "in the service of the Kremlin and the Russian special services", - the diplomatic mission says.

Embassy officials advised US State Department officials to subscribe to the accounts of the Kremlin, government and Foreign Ministry in order to "draw official Russian information from them."

Note that in the spring, the State Department accused Moscow of spreading misinformation about the coronavirus. Moscow has repeatedly rejected claims by Western countries that it is engaged in disinformation.

On the eve of the US Senate Intelligence Committee made a decision to publish a classified report on the "Russian investigation" - on the interference of the Russian Federation in the election of the American president in 2016.