Posted 7 августа 2020,, 16:10

Published 7 августа 2020,, 16:10

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Atrophy of the conscience: why "Russian Israelis" feel rejoice in Lebanon's grief

Atrophy of the conscience: why "Russian Israelis" feel rejoice in Lebanon's grief

7 августа 2020, 16:10
Former Soviet citizens, former Komsomol members and communists, who condemned Israel under Brezhnev, were forged out in their new homeland into violent Zionists.

As you know, after the monstrous explosion in the port of the Lebanese capital of Beirut, which claimed about a hundred human lives and left half of the city's population homeless, in the very center of the Israeli capital, Tel Aviv, the city hall, as a sign of solidarity with Lebanon, illuminated the building in the color of the Lebanese flag. This step can be called without exaggeration unprecedented, since Israel has been in fact in a state of war with neighboring Lebanon for many years. However, not all Israelis were satisfied with this act of the authorities. Alexander Lapshin writes about this in his blog:

“The majority of Israelis treated this with sympathy and respect, despite the fact that from a formal point of view, we do not have diplomatic relations with Lebanon. Many expressed words of regret, and Israel even offered to help Lebanon to evacuate the victims to Israeli hospitals. But these are the native Israelites.

As for ours, the former Soviet, the picture is completely different. In a word, shame and shame. Even I did not expect such aggression, hysteria and joy because of the tragedy in Lebanon. I am ashamed that, purely statistically, I am part of it, as an emigrant from the former USSR.

Even me this anger and dancing on bones could surprise. Although I knew this audience very well before, for 30 years in the country I had already thoroughly studied it. Former Soviet citizens, for the most part do not show their noses outside Israel, former Komsomol members and communists, who condemned Israel under Brezhnev, are now forged into violent Zionists. These are people who know the Middle East from Russian-language emigre newspapers and have not been anywhere. And these people are sitting on their sofas squeezed from their fat asses in rented apartments and rejoice at the deaths of hundreds of innocent people in neighboring Lebanon. For this public there is absolutely no difference and understanding that the Middle East and Lebanon, in particular, is a whole salad of peoples, communities, religious and political trends. For the Russian Israelis there is only one dogma that there are only enemies around, everyone around is bad, but we are very good.

How do they know that in Lebanon, almost half of the population is Christians, who fought shoulder to shoulder on the side of Israel in 1982-2000 against the PLO Yasser Arafat and then the Islamists of Hezbollah. How do they know that former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak betrayed Lebanese Christians in 2000, withdrawing troops and not thinking about what awaits Christians who collaborated with Israel.

And how do they know that the explosion in Beirut affected mainly the Armenian region of Beirut, Burj Hamud, and not at all the Hezbollah barracks. Ugh on those who rejoice in the grief of Lebanon, although they are not even worthy of spitting..."


However, in the numerous comments that this post provoked, not everyone agreed with the author's assessment of what was happening:

- Yeah. I am also always amazed at how many terry racists, with openly fascist views, among the "Russian" emigrants, and moreover, these are people who, for the most part, should at least be intelligent and well-read, graduated from universities in the USSR, moreover - Jews , with a national memory of the recent Holocaust, but in terms of mentality, well, pure frostbitten cattle with ideas of white supremacy. And these same people usually stand up for Putin and Bibi, along with all the rest of the aggressive, underdeveloped rabble. And it's really a shame.

- Not everyone is given to remain a HUMAN in any circumstances!

- what a disgusting and shameful thing.... whole generations grew up in the USSR as haters!

- 100 percent agree, you can't just throw a scoop out of your head

- Among the indigenous population, the opinion is divided in half, and this is normal. The Russian-speaking opinion was also divided, but Alexander accurately calculated that there are much more vicious Russians than indigenous ones. And the crowd went to vilify everyone. Funny...