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Fly to underground... The village of Kokoshkino stood across the road near the Samolyot

7 августа 2020, 06:51
The suburban village of Kokoshkino is another hot spot on the map of New Moscow. According to the site planning project, a new three-lane highway will cut the village in half, and 40 private houses will be demolished. Residents are outraged: the road takes away their only housing
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Lyudmila Butuzova

A month ago, Moscow celebrated a modest date - 8 years from the date of the annexation of new territories to the capital, which increased its size by 2.5 times. Recall that in its current form in the north-east, Moscow borders on the old city territory, in the south-west - on the gardens of the Kaluga region, on the other sides it is surrounded by small villages and agricultural lands of the Moscow region. The area of New Moscow is 1480 km2; at the time of the annexation, less than 250,000 people lived there.

It was planned to build 14 million square meters in the new territories in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas. meters of housing. In total, the potential of the General Plan is 56 million sq. meters. New Moscow, as conceived by the designers, should create 1 million new jobs and provide housing for 2 million people. (To date, 100 thousand jobs have been created, their total number has reached 185.6 thousand - NI). The population of New Moscow for eight years has grown two and a half times and amounted to 573 thousand people.

Mayor Sobyanin replied to those who were afraid of “come in large numbers of migrants” that they were afraid in vain - most of the apartments - 63% - are bought by Muscovites (in 2013, there were only 18% of them). “Summer residents and gardeners had considerable fears,” the mayor noted, “but no one touched them.” On the contrary, during this time the access roads to the associations were put in order, more than two thousand plots received gas, 12 parks, two squares, three recreation areas, 90 children's and sports grounds were landscaped. In short, live and be glad that Moscow came and did not touch anyone.

Ironically, or better to say - according to the tradition that has developed in the Moscow elite, to say one thing and do another, literally two weeks after the online conference of the leaders, a project for the improvement of the Kokoshkino dacha community was put up for discussion at the Active Citizen. Residents, who learned about this by chance and almost at the end of the "discussion", sounded the alarm: the main element of the improvement - a three-lane road to the railway station - will cut the village in two, 40 private houses will be demolished.

Новая Москва пришла на дачуНовая Москва пришла на дачу
Новая Москва пришла на дачу

“They want to take down my dacha! - Alina Petrovich notified the neighbors in the "home" chat of the village, who managed to get acquainted with the project and was horrified by what she had to go through. - Why is it important for everyone? If my house and several other streets are demolished (as is currently planned), then the plans are to demolish the entire village by 2030. And in parallel they will take on New Moscow. And it is only a matter of time before the entire private sector will be methodically demolished, that is, dachas in Vnukovo, Tolstopaltsevo, Krekshino (have already begun). Yesterday I talked with people from the village, went from house to house. Some people are just under construction, literally last year or this year they bought real estate! We sold apartments in Moscow to live in a private house all year round! They didn’t know their houses were to be demolished, as I did a few days ago! Not to mention the elderly, and the pregnant single mother who will give birth to a second one next month, who also do not care. Some other families are already living in the fifth generation in Kokoshkino, and they just want to throw them out who knows where. Neighbors informed me about the alleged demolition of my house, someone was the first to find out by chance, stumbling upon a vote on Active Citizen, we pass the information to each other, because neither the authorities nor the administration warned anyone".

Дачный поселок КокошкиноДачный поселок Кокошкино
Дачный поселок Кокошкино

The local authorities, as usual, either did not know anything, or they were ordered to keep quiet so as not to disturb people for the time being. In any case, when Kokoshkino attacked acting in a crowd. Head of the settlement administration Sergey Molchanov, he did not tell them anything intelligible, he stated the "official" position in the chat:

Жители собирают подписи под обращением к мэруЖители собирают подписи под обращением к мэру
Жители собирают подписи под обращением к мэру
Фото: Фото депутата Валерия Головченко

“Dear residents of Kokoshkino! A difficult situation has developed around the planning of the territory along the Kiev direction of the Moscow railway, taking into account the construction of additional tracks and the development of railway infrastructure in the section from the Kiev railway station to the Aprelevka stopping point. An interdepartmental meeting on this topic was held today. I support the proposal of the deputy of the Moscow City Duma Valery Golovchenko and the head of our settlement Yevgeny Sorokin, I am ready to meet personally with everyone whose territory this project affects from tomorrow. People's interests always come first".

The weak local authorities, to which the mayor's office left the only function - to serve, if not as a lightning rod, then as a "whipping boy", did everything in their power - unsubscribed and promised to make their own critical comments to the project on "Active Citizen". There are no approving remarks there - everyone who broke through to the site and managed to register there, write the same thing - “leave the private sector of the village in its current state”, “organize roads and public transport routes bypassing the village of Kokoshkino”, "To prevent the demolition and acquisition of land in the private sector". But something tells the residents: for “Active Citizen” all criticism and protests are like a poultice for a dead man. The organizers even set aside only ten days for discussion instead of the month stipulated by the law and did not warn the village, because, it seems, they knew in advance: the doomed one would not be resurrected with prayers, therefore there was no need to break the comedy.

Кокошкино, вид сверхуКокошкино, вид сверху
Кокошкино, вид сверху

People are forced to participate ... Tatyana Lyubimova : “The proposed project does not suit us at all. Expanding roads and increasing passenger traffic will kill the green space of the private sector, which is essentially a recreation area for many people. So what? Everyone in Kokoshkino understands that the road is not being built for them, they have enough of their own village, but it is being built for future residents of new buildings to ensure their transportation to the Sanino station, which is also being built for someone else's convenience, breaking the usual life of the aborigines.

Kokoshkino was unlucky for two reasons. Firstly, it is a very tasty place. The dacha settlement is located 17 km south-west of the Moscow Ring Road, between the Kiev and Minsk highways, 7.5 kilometers from the Vnukovo airport. Until July 1, 2012, it was part of the Naro-Fominsk district of the Moscow region - quite an agricultural one, albeit overgrown with weeds. How many times this weeds passed from hand to hand, and who kept it as a valuable construction asset - only God knows. Secondly, in February of this year, the settlement went to the Samolyot development group. Banks.Ru told about it. The message says that Sberbank will finance the construction of the first stage of the residential complex New Vnukovo in the village of Kokoshkino. The complex consists of eight monolithic 12-storey buildings and will be completed in two years.

Later that Samolyot acquired 165.03 hectares in the Novomoskovsk administrative district, 15 km from the Moscow Ring Road along the Kiev highway, Kommersant reported from the words of a representative in the company itself. They did not name the seller of the asset, but clarified that after agreement with the Moscow authorities, it is planned to build about 1.3 million square meters on the site by 2040. m of housing, commercial real estate and social facilities.

In the Kokoshkino community, this newspaper news was actively discussed. In the sense - “Well, where else to build? Unsold housing - millions of square meters, in the first month of self-isolation, sales generally collapsed... "The fact that the plot bought by Samolyot is located close to the village was also, of course, seen, but the fact that Kokoshkino will become a walk-through yard, and people will be driven from their own houses - before this apocalypse, fantasies did not extend then. Later they will remember a lot of things. According to resident Alexey Volchkov, the curator of TINAO Zhidkin told people back in 2018 that "in 3-4 years you will not recognize your Kokoshkino, and transit through the private sector, which you are opposing now, will seem like a childish prank to you". At a meeting in the administration of Kokoshkino, it will become clear that the head of Molchanov, back in February, knew what "pranks" awaited Kokoshkino, but he kept quiet.

“I personally asked him a question: did he know about the project of the Samolyot residential complex and the construction of the road,” says Alina Petrovich. - It turns out that I knew, but - “I didn’t know which particular houses would be demolished and where the road would be, it was only in the plans, so I didn’t say.” Our deputy in the Moscow City Duma, Valery Golovchenko, was also, as it were, not in the know and is now “outraged”.

The posts of Deputy Golovchenko on Facebook are full of apologies to the residents “for mistakes made by the executive power when informing residents about events that are significant for each house” and promises “in the event of the seizure of even one meter of property, seek conditions favorable to people”, and - only at market value ". People do not really believe these promises, which are more like a farewell hello, and they reciprocate. Irene Golichenkova: “Valery, good afternoon! Why did you use the phrase "we will seek favorable conditions for residents"? We, citizens of Russia, elect deputies so that the life of Russians, all without exception, would improve and not worsen, so that our rights are respected, so that our property is not seized by barbaric methods, for the sake of making a profit for a narrow circle of people. We ask you to defend our rights, to preserve our nature, our houses and plots. There is a lot of free land between Kievskoye and Kaluzhskoye highways, where you can realize your ambitions for Samolyot and not only for him, stretch the MCD there, create parks and similar oases. Best regards, your constituency".

Perhaps the residents of Kokoshkino are too demanding of their deputy, and he will achieve something before they are driven out of their place, for example, "meetings with the Moscow Committee for the clarification of current projects of territorial planning", but people also know what these meetings are worth.

“We are assured that nothing terrible is happening”, - writes Anna Alexandrova. - This is how anyone! A huge misfortune has come to our village in the form of the developer Samolyot Group of Companies. They plan to develop fields between Kokoshkino and Neznayka and Kokoshkino - Sanino. They plan to build a residential complex on this territory for 25 THOUSAND RESIDENTS !!! That is almost 2 TIMES more than the population of the village at the moment !!! To ensure transport accessibility of this microdistrict, it is planned to lay roads through the historical green part of the village - the private sector, namely, along the streets of Sentyabrskaya, 1st Oktyabrskaya, Gorky, by demolishing houses and seizing land. They want to divide us by roads and completely destroy the village. We have many lands given to veterans, some of them are alive, and this is their only home. There are papers confirming that the state gave them land for merit. We have beautiful nature, on the pond there are ducks, squirrels, hedgehogs, nightingales and waxwings ... The centuries-old oaks frame our village. They want to destroy the ecology too - the green lungs of the city. They say that the project is governmental, but there are many violations in it in relation to the owners. People learned about the trouble on their own - even in this, our state does not need us".

It's strange, where did they get the idea that the project is governmental? It looks like an ordinary, selfish-commercial, where the Moscow government, if present, is only in order not to lose interest. GK Samolyot is simply one of the largest housing developers in the Moscow region. The company's portfolio exceeds 12 million sq. m. The main shareholders are Mikhail Kenin, a minority shareholder of Russian Aquaculture, and Pavel Golubkov, a businessman. In addition, the co-owner of one of the companies of the group - Samolyot two capitals - which is building in Moscow and St. Petersburg, - Maxim Vorobyov, brother of the governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov, who at one time without a word gave the capital 148 sq. km of the regional territory. In "Two capitals" Maxim Vorobyov owns a share of 25% and invaluable experience in building the former Moscow region lands in good hands. Needless to say, with such opportunities, it will not be difficult to drag the road project through the country gardens, and even over the heads of the summer residents themselves. For Moscow, which spares no budgetary funds for improvement, in general, and for the development of the annexed territories, especially, such an operation is also beneficial. You can invest indefinitely, ennobling, expanding and deepening. A funny, but revealing example in the topic: on June 30, 2017, in the settlement of Kokoshkino, a new overpass over the railway was opened. To protect summer residents from noise, noise screens were installed. “Good road, I congratulate everyone,” Sergei Sobyanin said when accepting the road. The next day, July 1, 2017, the overpass fences fell in the place where the mayor of Moscow received them. The operation was repeated several times - the effect is the same.

Another question: what will the residents of 40 houses have if an Samolyot and a three-lane road run over them from both sides at once?

“It will only remain to go around the world,” Irina, the girl, who flatly refused to give her last name, out of fear that her bosses would figure out her, said to NI, and they would not pay for the house at all. - In September 2018, the Moscow authorities deliberately, without advertising the procedure, reduced the cadastral value of land and real estate. I think this was done in order to reduce compensation to owners for demolition several times. I have evidence that the examination was carried out cunningly. According to the state examination, the cadastral assessment of my house is 4.5 million rubles, it was done on September 10. Not knowing about this, I ordered an independent examination - this was demanded by the bank, since we had a mortgage deal. Two days later, on September 12, I received it. The cadastral valuation of the house is three times higher. There simply cannot be such a difference in price. I have a two-story house, an area of more than 100 square meters, and the state examination assessed it as a dog kennel. I took a closer look: they even wrote the height of the ceilings 1 meter. When there was talk that we would be demolished, I began to examine the maps of the village. When you look at the airbrush, we have one small pond at the entrance to Kokoshkino and the second, large one, in the center of the village. In the cartographic image, a large pond mysteriously disappeared from the village. Another fact. When we looked at the cost of our plots and the empty field where the Samolyot will be built, then for some reason an empty field without communications, without plantings, without a lake and without any comfort turned out to be 10 times more expensive than our land. And our land plots, especially those that were under demolition or close to the future highway, fell in price several times. In previous years, they went at the level of tens of millions of rubles, and in 2018 - sharply, once - and 1 million 600 thousand, 2 million, 3. For one woman from our initiative group, the land fell from 6 million to 600 thousand. And where are we with this money? You can't even buy a one-room apartment with them. And my husband and I have two children, sick parents, mortgage until 2039...

Коллективное обращение жителей Кокошкино к мэру МосквыКоллективное обращение жителей Кокошкино к мэру Москвы
Коллективное обращение жителей Кокошкино к мэру Москвы

The author of Novye Izvestia, lawyer of the Tax company, Anton Sonichev, told the residents where to go.

- There is one "but" that reduces the enthusiasm of bureaucratic dexterity, - he said. On January 1, 2020, the transitional period ended, which lasted from January 1, 2017 and made it possible to revise and challenge the results of the cadastral value of real estate, guided by the norms of two laws "On Appraisal Activity in the Russian Federation" (No. 135-FZ dated July 29, 1998) and "On the state cadastral valuation" (237-ФЗ dated 03.07.2016). Now, new rules are in force for the cadastral valuation of real estate objects. The basis for the revision is either the establishment of its market value in relation to the real estate object as of the date as of which its cadastral value was established, or the inaccuracy of information about the real estate object used in determining its cadastral value. Now the assessment and contestation of the erroneous cadastral value is carried out only under the Law on Cadastral Valuation, adopted in 2016. This law established the unity of the methodology, continuous updating of the information that is necessary to determine the cadastral value, the openness and independence of the assessment procedures at each stage, the verifiability of the results of determining the cadastral value and their economic feasibility. As for possible plans to seize property - this issue is always decided in court, and the owner has the right to submit a report on an independent market valuation of real estate. The authorities have a desire to manipulate the cadastral valuation, either bringing it closer or further away from the market value. But this is not always possible, since it is difficult to set up cadastral valuation mechanisms for manual control. So - to court and only to court for your just cause.

So far, Kokoshkino hopes to fight for a just cause peacefully. Collective petitions against the hated road are directed along the entire vertical from the bottom up - from the head of the settlement to the head of state. Almost the entire adult population is among the signatories (a total of 18,900 people in Kokoshkino). Well, this vertical should understand that if today you do not defend Kokoshkino, tomorrow the children will not have a family nest, and only a record in the passport will remind them of the village built up by human beings.

The editors of Novye Izvestia sent a request to the mayor's office, but did not receive a response, so we ask the mayor of Moscow to take control of the situation and instruct subordinate structures to consider other options for planning the territory, taking into account the interests of residents of the settlement of Kokoshkino, respecting their rights to a favorable environment and guaranteed The inviolability of private property by the RF Constitution.


Yuri Petrov, expert at the Institute of Demography, Migration and Regional Development:

- For the city, the creation of New Moscow makes no sense. Who needs huge tracts of housing in the middle of a field with one school and one kindergarten without office and retail space - without everything that can be considered a city in principle - without public spaces. Even if the designer says that there are public spaces, then, as a rule, there are none. There is a glade where no one is ever, because people do not have time.

New Moscow is a successful commercial project. Now there is a gradual process of legislative transformation of these territories into the territory of Moscow, the process of zoning of natural and protected zones is just starting - you can safely cut down and build up. It is very convenient, from the point of view of developers, that local municipalities have lost the opportunity to influence these territories. Now developers are engaged in a dialogue not with the municipality, but with the federal government. If the federal government has given the go-ahead, no one will ask the municipality.

The result of this thoughtless policy was the expansion of the city's territory (New Moscow is simply an indicator) and the transformation of Moscow into such a hyper-metropolis, which, by and large, is already beginning to play an absolutely destructive role in relation to the country as a whole. The doctrine of "mosquitoing", which was presented by our colleague writer Yuri Krupnov a few years ago, very clearly and clearly spelled out the negative consequences of the strengthening of Moscow, including the desertification of the country's territory, when people are pushed from villages to small towns, from small cities - to big cities, to Moscow and further - abroad. And in this case, this internal migration to Moscow begins a destructive process. Yes, in general, almost the entire population of the country can be placed inside Moscow, expanding it, and it will even be somehow bearable. But we will finally lose all of Russia's space as a unique resource. Therefore, Moscow is not to blame for something, but the fault is in the wrong management decisions.